Big Game Ad Roundup: Best Car Commercials From the 2011 Super Bowl

February 7, 2011
2011 Chrysler 200 Super Bowl Commercial
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Enjoy yesterday's Super Bowl? Chances are you also managed to catch more than a few auto-related commercials in the process. To aid in your inevitable water cooler discussions today, we've rounded up the various car spots that aired during the Big Game into this single post. Enjoy.
Audi: Following up on its pre-game teaser spots, both of which showcased stodgy, "old luxury" types locked behind bars in a luxury prison -- Audi's big ad actually followed a duo attempting to escape from such a compound. Top tip: a chauffeured Mercedes-Benz S-Class is apparently not an ideal getaway vehicle.
BMW: Although Audi is usually keen to tout its line of clean diesel-powered vehicles (remember last year's Green Police campaign?), BMW was the lone automaker beating the diesel drum during this year's Super Bowl. Additionally, the Bavarian automaker showcased the exploits of its Spartanburg, South Carolina factory, which builds the new X3 crossover.
Chevrolet: As an official sponsor of Sunday’s festivities, Chevrolet had its name, logo, and products plastered everywhere -- including commercial breaks. A main focus for the automaker is its new Camaro, which will be featured in two commercials. The first features an innocent-looking coupe at a fictional Chevy dealership. When provoked by the dealerships mascot the car comes to life as Bumblebee, star of the Transformers film series. The other commercial is narrated by a couple of guys dreaming up their ideal Camaro commercial. Chevy's other spots teased the Volt, Cruze Eco sedan, and envisioned its Silverado HD pickup as a mechanized form of Lassie. If that weren't enough, the brand also partnered with Fox to have the cast from Glee sing a modernized version of Dinah Shore's historic advertisement.
Chrysler: The two-minute spot, showcasing both the new 2011 200 and Detroit-bred rapper Eminem, emotionally illustrates just what makes Detroit -- and, conversely, just what Detroit can make. Although it echoes the recent campaign for the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, we wonder if the new spot is a little too region-specific -- predictably, most praise stems from those who call metropolitan Detroit home.
Ford: The Blue Oval used the Big Game to kick off its Focus Rally America program, essentially the same sort of viral, social media challenge employed to introduce young, tech-savvy buyers to the 2011 Fiesta. Want to follow along for yourself? Check out
Hyundai: Should you believe small cars are all bland, boring, and uncomfortable, we've got a bridge to sell you -- and Hyundai has a therapy treatment to suit. The trippy "Deprogramming" spot urges audiences to snap out of that mental programming, and step into a new 2011 Elantra. Although most of the automaker's push surrounded the new compact offering, the company also used one spot to suggest buyers evolve with technology, and take a hard look at the new Sonata Hybrid. Maybe it's us, but the idea of playing Pong on a Heathkit console TV actually sounds somewhat enjoyable...
Kia: Who wants the stylish new 2011 Optima? Everyone, including corrupt cops, evil spies, Neptune, extra terrestrial life, and time-shifting Mayan empires, it seems...
Mercedes- Benz: Having just celebrated its 125-year anniversary, Mercedes will feature a spot with many vehicles from its current and past lineups. Mercedes released a teaser of Sunday’s ad, which includes a camel, snow, and the desert. The full commercial marks the debut of the 2012 SLS AMG Roadster and 2012 C-Class AMG Coupe, along with the 2012 CLS63 AMG and 2012 SLK; a director's cut of the ad airing this weekend is up on M-B USA's Facebook page.
Mini: We've enjoyed the previous creative spots for the new Countryman crossover, but this new ad -- which showcases a fictional gameshow entitled "Cram It In The Boot" -- may take double entendres a bit too far...
Suzuki: For the first time in its history, Suzuki will join the party with an advertisement during this year’s game. The spot features all-wheel-drive Kizashi evading an attack by angry snowmen. The Kizashi helped Suzuki to January sales of an industry-beating 26-percent sales increase.
Volkswagen: VW continues to tease the  2012 Beetle ahead of time with a spot showing a black beetle -- the bug, not the car -- racing through a CGI landscape. The second commercial thrusts its upcoming 2012 Passat into living rooms across America, with the automaker’s spot featuring a tie-in with immensely-popular Star Wars franchise. A young child dressed as Darth Vader attempts to use the Force to try and make objects move. His only success lies with a new Passat -- and a little help from dad's keyless remote fob...


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