BaT Fortnight Favorite: 1964 Porsche 356SC coupe

It’s not very often that a forty-seven-year-old sports car is sold by its original owner, but this 1964 Porsche 356SC coupe is a supercool example of that uncommon occurrence. Like the 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint that was my favorite a couple weeks ago, this Porsche is a California-based, white European coupe that sold very quickly to a BaT reader. In the case of the 356, it was gone two days after being advertised for $29,500.

Upon purchasing the car in Connecticut in May of 1964, the owner, Dave, immediately drove it to Arizona to report for duty with the Air Force. Talk about a great way to break in your fancy new $4750 sports car! The Porsche moved to California two months later and lived there with Dave until recently, covering 135,000 miles and allegedly never being involved in a crash. It is said to have a bit of rust in the lower doors and the battery tray, but I would have been thrilled to accept those weaknesses for a car priced about half as much as what the best ’64 SCs on the market are currently going for (according to Hagerty’s Cars That Matter price guide). The 356C model featured disc brakes and is the final iteration of Porsche’s first production car, which debuted in 1948. The 1964 1600SC model offered 19 more hp than the base 1600C (for a total of 107 SAE hp), thanks to a higher compression ratio and different carburetors.

Around the time that this car’s original owner was settling into his new California home in late 1964, the first 148-hp Porsche 911s were reaching American buyers. Fortunately, neither Dave nor time forgot this late 356. It looks like it’d be an absolute blast to drive on a curvy road on a cool autumn day. Being an air-cooled coupe, however, it might not be the best choice to drive in your local Fourth of July parade this weekend.


Honorable Mentions Finalists for my favorite BaT car from June 16 through June 30 include the following, ranked from most tantalizing to least:

1. 1949 Delahaye 135M Guillore coupe I’d love to turn this gorgeous French gem—which sold on eBay for $38,100—into a awesome rat rod. Add an engine, make it roadworthy (not a simple task), and blow people’s minds.

2. 1954 Fiat Belvedere 500c I never realized how much I like small 1950s imports until I started writing these Fortnight Favorite blogs. Until I saw this Fiat on BaT, I thought all Belvedere cars were big Plymouths. A high eBay bid of $11,100 wasn’t enough for this lovely sunroofed wagon to find a new owner.

3. 1956 GAZ M20 Pobeda Here’s another 1950s import, although this super-rare Russian car exhibits prewar styling cues. Someone picked up a fantastic Cold War conversation piece for $7766.

4. 1957 Hillman Minx historic racer Several years ago, I almost bought a nearly perfect Minx on eBay, even though I’d never seen one of the cars in person. Still haven’t seen one in person. Still glad I bought an MGB/GT instead of that car. Still intrigued by this particular quirky beast, which is being offered on eBay’s U.K. classifieds for about $27,000 USD.

5. 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero It’s almost Independence Day, and, even though I liked BaT’s recent imports, I still love America and American cars. And who wouldn’t love to tear around the track in a race-out Ranchero? Maybe not the fastest race car you can buy for $50K but certainly one of the coolest.

Previous Fortnight Favorites 1. Early April 2011: 1965 Austin Mini Cooper S 2. Late April 2011: 1959 MGA Twin Car race car 3. Early May 2011: 1964 Ford Falcon station wagon 4. Late May 2011: 1966 Chrysler Newport convertible 5. Early June 2011: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint coupe

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