Banned Four Loko Alcoholic Drink Recycled Into Ethanol

After the Food and Drug Administration issued a stern warning to manufacturers of caffeinated alcoholic beverages, the makers of Four Loko pulled the drink off shelves nationwide. Contrary to popular belief, however, that doesn’t mean the company is left with millions of cans of an unsellable product. In fact, the controversial drink can apparently be recycled into ethanol, which in turn can help power automobiles.

In November, the FDA cracked down on caffeinated beverages, citing the potential health risks of mixing alcoholic beverages with stimulants. Such beverages have reportedly been linked to alcohol poisoning, car accidents, and physical assaults. Phusion Products, the manufacturer of Four Loko, stopped manufacturing the drink on December 13, and a handful of other manufacturers followed suit.

Instead of trashing the leftover supplies, there appears to be some hope in recycling. MXI Enterprises, an ethanol recycler based in Richmond, Virginia, is now distilling and refining the alcohol contained within the beverage into ethanol, which in turn can be blended with gasoline for use as a vehicle fuel. Four Loko, for example, carries an alcohol content of roughly 6-12 percent by volume, depending on state regulations.

In an interview with the Associated Press, MXI vice president Brian Potter said the firm will receive roughly 200 truckloads, each containing roughly 2000 cases of the controversial drinks. The firm is allegedly capable of processing four truckloads a day, meaning MXI may be hard at work extracting ethanol for several months.

Although the ethanol repurposing may draw the biggest headlines, MXI will also recycle the aluminum and cardboard used to package and ship the buzz-inducing booze. According to the AP, aluminum recycled from the project will be used to make new cans, and arrive back on store shelves within 30 days.


The above posting is completely and totally false. Ethanol actually worsens most of the above mentioned problems. It is probably the worst idea ever. Even Al Gore now opposes the use of ethanol in fuel. It will destroy your car and the environment.
Add E85 to your Gas Tank
Instead of adding an expensive gasoline treatment full of harmful toxic chemicals to your gas tank to clean the fuel system, try adding one gallon of E85 per fill up. Ethanol will slowly clean the fuel system deposits left by gasoline, raise the octane rating of the fuel, plus you will get a whole gallon of fuel for what you would have paid for the fuel additive. Gasoline clogs the many components of the fuel system including the fuel injectors. Clogged fuel injectors can reduce fuel economy by as much as 30%. Ethanol cleans the fuel system and the injectors by removing the gunk and varnish left by gasoline and keeps your engine performing as it did when it was new. When blending ethanol into a car that has run on gasoline for many miles, it is better to start slowly. Ethanol fuel also has much lower sulfur and NOX emissions, reducing soot and particulate matter which are bad for engines, people and the environment. If people realized the amount of energy it takes to mine the ore, refine the metals, forge the engine block and components, plus the energy used during the machining process to make an engine they would demand better fuels that will allow their engine to last longer. Excessive Heat and dirty oil, greatly shortens an engine’s life. Ethanol fuel burns so clean that it causes your engine’s oil to stay cleaner longer. Clean oil = longer engine life = energy conservation. Ethanol also burns around 40 degrees cooler than gasoline. Less BTUs equals cooler engine.

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