Automobile Magazine Launches New iPad Application

If you love our print magazine, but want to experience it with video, audio, and more photos on your iPad, you’re in luck. Automobile magazine is now available in digital form from the iTunes store.

Our iPad application incorporates all the things you’ve loved about Automobile Magazine over that last 25 years, and ups the ante. Along with a digital version of our print magazine, interactive content including videos, extensive photography, and audio commentary give users a closer look at our world. Readers now have the opportunity to dive even deeper into the automotive world through our media-rich app.

“This is not Automobile Magazine reinvented for the iPad, rather, we worked to incorporate the content our readers desired,” said Editor-in-Chief, Jean Jennings. “We are an experiential publication, the iPad is a medium that allows us to better deliver our experiences to our readers.”

To give readers a look at our product before buying it, we’re offering our January issue free of charge, which is available to download now. The February issue is also available for download at our standard price of $3.99 per issue.

Earlier this year we launched our iPhone and Android applications that provide up to date news updates, with a few select features from our website. These applications can be downloaded from the iTunes store and Android market, respectively, now.

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I've been a subscriber for well over 10 years. I'd love to move to an iPad version, but the pricing here is crazy. Many other publication I subscribe to offer print subscribers free access to digital editions (New York Times, Time, ...). But here, long time subscribers, that get renewal offers in the mail for $10 /yr are expected to pay $3.99 an issue for a digital edition - what are you guys smoking? Come on, take care of your subscribers - offer free digital access or at least come up with some type of digital subscription. I can get a digital edition subscription from Zinio to Automobile for $8 /yr - it may not be the same multi-media features as the issue straight from Automobile, but it beats the pants off $4 an issue.
Ive been a subscriber for many years, ever since before I could drive. I think the Ipad Application is great, but I will not be using it if I have to carry two subscriptions to do it. People Magazine allows their subscribers to view their Ipad version for free already, it would be awesome if Automobile Magazine did the same thing.
Oh, kewl. Wait. How much?!?
Gosh, fat fingers rule... $3.99 for digital per issue is exorbitant compared to the $0.85 per for print. Digital is great, and I'd love to go fully digital but not at that price. Also, at $3.99 per, for how long is each issue available - I can stash my print back-issues for years if I want. I can also cut sections I want to keep, so will the iPad version let me snag an article/feature and "save locally" if there's a limit on how long I can access the archive?
Yes, agree with Mike. ESPECIALLY when on "this" page there's a promo for "get 12 issues for $10". $3..9 a pop for digital is a no-brainer NO, NO, NO! HO, HO, HO, your digital marketing guys make me laugh :)
Mike Colvin
How about us print subscribers? While I'd love to be able to look at Automobile on my iPad, I don't want to pay for the same content twice! Would we be able to switch our subscription from the print version to the iPad version? How about making it available for free to all print subscribers (*thought I'd ask*)?

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