Automakers Launching Radio Ad Campaign Against Proposed 56 MPG Requirement

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The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is launching a radio ad campaign in six states with significant automotive manufacturing operations that decry proposed increases in federal fuel economy increases. The ads, which start running on radio today in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania, oppose a proposal to require all new vehicles to average 56 mpg by 2025.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is an advocacy group representing 12 automakers in the U.S. market: BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo. The Alliance claims its members account for 77 percent of all car and light-truck sales in the nation.

According to proposals from the government, Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirements could jump to 56 mpg by 2025. That means that each manufacturer’s fleet of new vehicles must average 56 mpg or better. That’s about twice the current national average of 27.5 mpg. By 2016, CAFE will require a fleet-wide average of 35.5 mpg.

Large SUVs and pickup trucks could be exempt from the 56-mpg standard if automakers and the government agree on certain concessions.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers ads claim that higher fuel-economy regulations will make new vehicles more expensive, cause job cuts in the automotive sector, and mean consumers have fewer new vehicle choices. Because new vehicles would be more expensive, the Alliance claims that sales would be lower, hurting the economic recovery and causing further job cuts within the sector.

Click here to listen to the radio ad on the Detroit Free Press website.

Source: Detroit Free Press

Doug S
Take a look at comments the auto industry and the GOP during Bush terms said back then about hitting 25.5 by 2014. Cannot be will be $4k more and hurt the public...Well it looks like the same comments are coming. This time I hope the Dems reject the complaints and hit a home run. Take a look at the current hybrids vs the gas counterpart. The Lincoln MKZ hybrid and Sonata Optima are priced at the gas version or very close. The 40mpg club has grown from a few to overf 10 models. Lets bury politics and head toward hitting numbers in the high 50s every 15 years. I am a hp guy and love modern muscle. Porsce has proven a gas hybrid can be powerful and that technolgy will hit the mainstream in several years. Electric motors driving the front wheels and a high powered gas v6 twin turbo high compression direct injection pulling the back wheels with a 500 hp combined power.

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