Aston Martin Lagonda Sedan to Be Sold Exclusively in Middle East

The Aston Martin Lagonda is one of the most exclusive nameplates in the company’s history, and now a select few lucky customers in the Middle East will be able to own a modern version of this ultra-luxury sedan.

The Aston Martin Lagonda was originally a limited-run sedan that premiered in 1976 with revolutionary wedge styling. Only 645 were ever made, and the modern Lagonda will have a similarly limited production run exclusively for customers in the Middle East. The new Aston Martin Lagonda also takes some styling inspiration from its predecessor with its long, dramatic lines and angular front end. In the single profile photo Aston Martin revealed, we can see that the Lagonda is a long-wheelbase sedan with a tapered, fastback-like rear end. The traditional Aston Martin grille appears to be in place up front, and rear LED taillights seem to mimic the shape of other Aston Martin sports cars.

At this point Aston Martin hasn’t shared many details about the Lagonda sedan, but the company does say that this model is based on the existing VH architecture that underpins all Aston models. When we spied this big Aston sedan testing a few months ago, the rumor was that the Lagonda would be powered by a V-12 engine producing at least 550 hp.

In order to maintain the exclusivity of the Aston Martin Lagonda, the company will sell this ultra-luxury sedan in the Middle East by invitation only. This means that the price is likely astronomical, as Aston Martin categorizes this model with previous bespoke models like the One-77 supercar and V12 Zagato sports coupe. Stay tuned for more information about the Aston Martin Lagonda in the coming months.

Gemini Hnamte Csa
Vick Jong Isha
Marc Hamady
Looks nice
Yuvraj Rajput
Fumihiro Mori
Dax funt?
Brennan Shanks
Did they... Design something?
Richard Macintyre
1000%. More befitting the name than that laughable concept a few years ago
Prince Mewada
Its BMW gran lusso's copy.
Richard Allman
I like it, but the seventies Lagonda was better.
Valdemar Silva
Rohit Pradhan
Kab book karna hai
Akshay Majhi
Good looking
Larry Vernec
Ilanchelian Angamuthu
Derek Maynard
Kinda reminds me of a Phaeton
Sangram Malkar
what a car.............
Koustubh Raikar
Delicious. ..
Wade McGaghey
I hope its better than the last one!
Hyungseok Kyle Yang
Hyundai genesis?!?!?!
Pawan Hiwrale
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Jonathan Levanduski
It looks stretched and smooshed.
Brian Brown
Love it!
Ross Mazin
Arie Sheila Gank Padank join us
That is in the same class as the Jag XF and the Audi A7.
Matthew Boisvert
This is gorgeous, but the front overhang surprises me for an Aston.
Jesse Tafoya
Great looking car
Axel Medico
j'avoue !
Samuel Rivard
ever heard about taste?
Michael Tutt
Bugly.. Should have let the lagonda name die..not a slow death..
Paul Doyle
Terrible, proportions are all wrong
Billy Lombardo
rapide is far nicer
Amazigh Amazigh
Gary Morris
That's Class.
Ryosuke Takahashi
Must be as good as a Roller at least
Ɯɐɹıɹs Uɐuuɐʞ
holy crap for the sheikhs! :D
Aurelien Desrues
Chris Rock
Tadeo Lòpez Olvera
Taz Duncan
Its what the rapide should have been. this is perfect.
Gabriel Martinez Garcia
Vipin P Abraham
Soooo nice
Robert Lopez
Absolutely gorgeous - puts other brands to shame. Too bad it wont be making it across the pond!
Eric Henry Mongeur
According to another respected car magazine, the car will only be sold in the UAE.
Robert Lopez
Anil Narzary
fine n fantastic
Leon Dorsey
Seductively streamlined.
Salim Sam
It's DB-9
Sylvain Raymond
Rohit Umredkar
Super sexy.....
Omar Ben

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