Almost Ready: Tesla Plans to Start Model S Deliveries in Second Quarter of 2012

Tesla isn’t the only automaker targeting wealthy consumers who want a luxurious four-door with an environmentally friendly powertrain. At the Detroit Auto Show, Tesla announced that production for the Model S – its entry in this loosely defined segment – is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2012.


The all-electric Model S is claimed to have a range of 300 miles and accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds. Tesla hopes to build 20,000 Model S cars a year, and has taken more than 3000 reservations so far in North America and Europe. After a federal tax credit, the base price is expected to be $49,000, unless Tesla's research and engineering budget requires a price bump. That below-$50,000 price likely includes the battery pack that allows for 160 miles of driving between charges. The Model S will also offer 230- and 300-mile-per-charge battery packs.

A 17-inch touchscreen is part of the dash layout, meaning even those in the small third row of seating might be able to see the navigation display. Top speed of the Model S is limited to about 121 mph. We'll be keeping an eye on Tesla as we approach its target on-sale date. What do you think: Will Tesla find 20,000 buyers a year for the Model S sedan?

Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)

s e anderson
To get to 20,000 sold in the US by 2013-14 means that there would require a greater number of recharging kiosks available than today. GE seems to be heading in that direction... and major cities will have to be open to having these charging kiosks not only available in parking garages/lots, but dedicated at curbside also. NYC will be the biggest challenge -not so much in the outer boros, but in Manhattan. The other complimentary approach would to build new battery swapping stations... and/or retrofit current gas stations that would take no more than 5 minutes to swap batteries at a cost of about $35-40/swap-- which is about the cost to fill up on gas today. The government should also give one a $750/year environmental tax writeoff for keeping a Tesla.
Russ Avshalum
I would love to get model s now
Dan Dodson
It already has found a market. I'm on the reservation as is a friend of mine. Both of us wanted a unique luxury car that's more modern than all the other cars in the lot at the country club. It's always fun to get that prime valet spot usually reserved for the Bentley or Maseratti. The fun part is unseating those very expensive cars with a $50K sedan. Ironically, we won't be so unique but we've agreed to at least get different colors.

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