Ad campaigns gone wild: 1940s Chryslers that were promoted but never built

The sad state of the economy has recently caused several manufacturers to cancel some exciting pending models, such as the Pontiac G8 Sport Truck and the Lexus LF-A supercar. But these makers would have even more egg on their faces if they’d canceled these products after the sales promotions really got going.

Reader C. H. Hebb from Decatur, Georgia, recently loaned us his cool collection of postwar Chrysler sales brochures that jumped the gun ...

---1946 Chrysler Custom Club Coupe (above) Basically a hardtop Town & Country. "… ruggedly built [bodies] of white ash and mahogany panels on plymetal plates," as the brochure reads, never looked so sexy. Hebb tells us that Chrysler built only five prototypes, but the public never saw a single one.

---'46 Town & Country Roadster As opposed to the six-passenger Town & Country Convertible Coupe, which was number 80 on Automobile Magazine's “100 Coolest Cars” list. The Roadster was even slated to get a power convertible top, but, alas, it was never built.

---'46 T&C Brougham A luxurious "town sedan," but with cords of wood for body panels. This, too, never saw the light of day.

Although there isn’t room in our magazine to present these images, several of us thought that these stillborn Chryslers were too cool to not share.

And the artwork wasn’t only in the envelopes that Hebb sent to us; here’s his envelope sketch of what the postwar Packard Darrin could have looked like.

Thanks for sharing, Charlie!

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