Acura NSX On-Again as 370Z Competitor?

Joshua Duval
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Unfortunately for those hoping to see a Honda-built alternative to the Nissan GT-R emerge within the next few years, the rumored Acura NSX is still dead - at least in the form of an exotic sports car.

Speaking with Car and Driver, John Watts, the senior manager of product development forthe Hondaluxury brand, said the NSX as planned was "too high a halo," but a scaled-down version of the NSX is still a prospect.

"For it to be fully effective, it couldn't be too far removed" from Honda's other products, he said. In an automotive world that has become highly focused on fuel efficiency, Honda probably couldn't afford the negative green cred - let alone the high development price tag - of a high-performance car to compete with the GT-R.

In all likelihood, an Acura sports car would compete with a car like the Nissan Z. Sad as it is that we may not see a V-10 NSX anytime soon, the silver lining is that we may still see a new sports car out of Honda yet.

Source: Car and Driver

Hyundai must be ruffling Ito-san's feathers with the Genesis Coupe. This approach would make a lot more sense considering the current economic conditions. This would also fit the profile of a rear-drive V8 powered platform that was axed last year due to, yes, the economy. Could you imagine a rear-drive V8 NSX?! That would be truely sweet.

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