Acura Confirms TSX Wagon for 2011

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Not completely sold on the styling of the Honda Accord Crosstour? You may be thrilled to learn that the European Accord Touring -- a more conventional station wagon -- will be sold in North America as the Acura TSX Sport Wagon.

Acura has revealed little about the latest TSX variant, other than to say it will arrive at dealers next year as a 2011 model. Still, as the TSX sedan is little more than a Euro-spec Accord with an Acura grille insert, we'd expect the wagon to follow suit and closely resemble the European model shown here.

Along with the addition of a six-cylinder model for 2010, adding a wagon to the TSX portfolio could allow the TSX range to offer some competition to BMW's 3-series portfolio. Still, we wonder how Honda will justify its arrival on our shores, seeing as it's similar (if not smaller) than the controversial Crosstour and Acura ZDX crossovers.

so funny to me; been enjoying my Mazda 6 Wagon for years; with a v6 and a 5 speed...
Looks good but the aftermarket better get started on making the grill pictured because you know in the US it's gonna be a shield.
Looks good but the aftermarket better get started on making the grill pictured because you know in the US it's gonna be a shield.
Thank God they didn't put the new trademark hideous nose on this one. Franky the styling of all other Acuras is so bad I would not consider owning them. I still have high respect for the mechanicals but there is no excuse for how butt ugly their vehicles now are.
esanchez: I'm right there with you.tumbleweed: Crosstour isn't too bad in my opinion, save for the front fascia. I'd like it more if Honda just left the sedan's front clip alone, but some buyers want something a little more "rugged." Apparently, that is it.jsim: I'd like that too, but think of the (already small) sales volumes for such a model here. The Acura beak is also a safe bet.
Very nice. I hope they offer a 4 cylinder manual version as well. Too bad Honda couldn't just make a wagon out of their Accord, instead of upsizing it to a "CUV." Also, please Acura, keep this Euro grille and don't stick us with your new-look. It's beyond awful.
Because the Crosstour is based off the US-spec Accord and not the JDM/Euro Accord. Nice looking ride-I think I just found something to get when I get rid of my domestic piece of crap.
This is actually a good looking sports wagon. Why oh why doesn't the accord crossover look this good? It is maddening sometimes to even try to fathom what designers are thinking when they pen something as grotesque as the Crosstour. Sheeeesssse!

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