A 2009 Dodge Challenger in Dukes of Hazzard Trim

2009 Dodge Challenger Dukes Of Hazzard Treatment

I spotted this at a local Dodge dealer on my drive into work the other day.; If this is considered a 'special edition,' those Duke boys better bone up on their Dodge nomenclature.

Then again, I suppose it is technically a two-door Charger...

Bo Duke
F* you you spic wet back drain on society. The Stars and Bars belong on top of the car! If you don't like it then jump the fence back to your native land!
What a great looking car!
im all there, just lose the confederate flag on the roof and replace it with a regular flag. i am mexican and it dont go with me. even more so, now that we have a black president in the white house. Go Obama!

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