60 Seconds with the Volkswagen Scirocco R

Calm down—the Volkswagen Scirocco still isn’t coming here. Nor should it. If you’d like to stop reading now, please do watch the video of the blue Volkswagen Scirocco we drove before heading to your online forum to grill us. If you’re still reading, please let us explain ourselves.

We want it. Man, do we want it. We’re with the Volkswagen fan boys—the Scirocco is a sweet ride. Especially the variant we drove, the Scirocco R. It has 265 horsepower that it sends to the front wheels, which pull the low-slung hatchback to 60 mph from a stop in less than six seconds. Our car had a smooth 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and superb adaptive suspension dampers. And, last but not least, it’s drop-dead sexy in R guise. That aggressive sheetmetal? Lordy. And as tempted as we are to let ourselves fall in love with the Volkswagen Scirocco, we won’t.

Why would—or should—Volkswagen bend over backward to ship a car across the Atlantic when it’s nearly impossible to convince Americans to buy hatches as is? The Volkswagen Scirocco is nice to stare at, but there’s no compelling reason to bring the car here right now. It’s simply not different enough from a two-door GTI or Golf R.

Is anyone still reading? If so, enjoy the video of the Volkswagen Scirocco, a car we want but don’t need.

I'm not sure about your assesment of the market.  Yes, us Americans are stupid in our ever slow re-embrace of wagons and hatchbacks.  But I think the problem (in the past) has been perpetuated by lack of cool products.  This is cool.  Not only that, I'm sure there's some former Corrado, Scirroco owners that would love to get their hands on one of these.   Not to mention its a good competitor to the Scion TC, Honda Accord 2-dr, etc.  As much as I love the Golf/GTI, I would be hard pressed to call any of their other products "cool".  Even the CC lost some cool factor when everyone else started making this roofline.  The New New Beetle....meh.  Yep, VW is losing it's "cool", and needs to get it back.  This would be a step in the right direction.

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