2016 Ford Mustang SVT Spied at the Nurburgring

The gestation period for the upcoming high-performance 2016 Ford Mustang SVT continues, as our spy photographers caught a Mustang prototype running at the Nürburgring racetrack in Germany. Although the car is still camouflaged, we can see a few more details like upgraded wheels, brakes, and the aggressive-looking front and rear fascias.

Previous prototypes of this high-po Mustang have left a lot to the imagination, thanks to blocked-off front ends and covered wheels, but this new car running around the racetrack finally shows a full view of the Mustang SVT’s upgraded bodywork, even if it might not be final production-spec. The front end has a low air dam with intake vents that sits below a prominent Mustang grille with new nostrils on the side. The lowered look continues along the side with an extended rocker panel, and the rear fascia displays an aggressive diffuser with huge quad exhausts hinting at the extra power under the hood.

We still don’t know what powertrain will be providing this extra power, but the current theories are all over the map. Previous reports said that the 2016 Ford Mustang SVT might be powered by a turbocharged EcoBoost V-6 engine, but other sources think that a V-8 is still a sure bet, either in 5.2-liter, naturally-aspirated form or a 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 like the outgoing Shelby GT500. Whatever engine ends up under the hood, expect it to provide a healthy power boost over the Mustang GT’s estimated 420 hp rating; though the Mustang may not match the ridiculous 707 hp of the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, 600-plus-hp isn’t an unreasonable expectation.

In these new spy photos, we can also see huge cross-drilled brake rotors behind multi-spoke wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires, suggesting that the Ford Mustang SVT will have the chassis mojo to back up its powertrain muscle. Development at the Nürburgring also gives us high hopes for the car’s handling chops.

Stay tuned for more information to come on the 2016 Ford Mustang SVT, which may be called the 2016 Ford Mustang GT350. In the meantime, check out the photo gallery to see the latest SVT prototype in action on the track.

Matt Faljean
Definitely not as much as the Challenger Hellcat
Ben Walczak
I'd be willing to bet 465-490. Since rumored that It's a slightly larger displacement than a 5.0, naturally aspirated, high revver. Which is the way It should be If it's going to be a dedicated track focused car. Wonder what the vehicle weight will be as well.
Lonnie Fluty
yeah, lots of boat anchor cars run 10.8 on drag radials from the factory.
Raymond Day-Hakker
over 550 kw ?
James Brooks
Why do you need massive amounts of horsepower? The car won't be any faster around the Nurburgring or anywhere else. Balance. Right.
Rajesh Wachhal
fantastic wild look
Youssef Khaled
550hp, give or take 20hp.
Craig Stishenko
5000 but how long will it go between breakdowns
Brian Pryor
Rumors say it's gonna be close to 1000 and more powerful than the hellcat
Gregory Weiss
Does it matter? Horsepower is easy. Getting this bloated thing around the track quickly without 600hp would be better.
Luis Calderón
Digging the camouflage graphics. Kevin Islas Sergio Sanchez
Rob Silver
Jordan Graves
Justice Edwards
Brian Lee
Doug Skipper
Not nearly as much as a hellcat
Nikolaos Kountouris
αμερικανικες μαλακιες. Μηδεν design.
Lawrence Howard
Best looking mustang I ever seen!....:)
Reed M. Merritt
Front end is ugly. Hire new designers who understand that it should look like a MUSTANG!
Michael Scott
José William Rosado Silvestry
Ricardo Molina
Cameron Wingate
sorry I'm a Mopar maniac :-P
Alessandro Argentino
considering that this will be a high revving n.a 5.0 v8 I'm going to say 500-520hp with about 440-460 lbs of torque.
Venkat Vk
Dzuan Truong
hideous looking who designs this?
Brett Frimmer
more then a hellcat
Joseph Herbias
All of it.
Ryan Mangila
Ariel Mangila
Chris Prather
Ahmad Zamzam
Mohammed Nimer could this be your next ride?
Chris Prather
A lot.
Secundino Geerman
maybe this FORD v-8 has less than 1000hp
Kyree S. Williams
Who cares? I'm not into horsepower wars. I'm more into the overall package, and I'm sure this'll be awesome...
Cameron Wingate
Not enuf horse power to beat the707 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat roar !!!!!!!!!!!
Jimmy Dinh
Seven hundred and... eight.
Chris Rock
Tadeo Lòpez Olvera :3
Jimmy Pham
....and the Hellcat comments start now....
Jose Juan Morales
Maybe now they can stop talking about the boat anchor dodge

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