2014 Volkswagen Golf Wagon Photos Leaked

Some automotive media outlets can't contain their enthusiasm, or opportunism, as may be the case, and decide to release photos on the web ahead of agreed-to embargo terms. Such has proven to be the case with these photos of the 2014 Volkswagen Golf Variant (wagon). Now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, we thought we'd share a little Fahrvergnügen love with you too.

Why does this matter for U.S. customers? Because the vehicle we've known and loved as the Jetta SportWagen is sold in Europe as the Golf Variant, so what you're beholding here is for all intents and purposes the next-gen Jetta SportWagen. To nobody's surprise, the Golf Variant shows the crisper lines of the recently-unveiled seventh-generation Golf and GTI, with a longer roofline and extended length for the wagon.

We are privy to some other information on the Golf Variant in regard to its dimensions, powertrains and equipment, but embargo has not broken on those specs yet, and we don't want to be the miscreants blamed with that leak. The one tidbit we feel fairly confident in sharing is that the TDI engine option naturally will continue to be offered on the European model (duh) and will almost certainly continue to be offered on the U.S. Jetta SportWagen once it's officially confirmed for the U.S. UPDATE: Volkswagen has confirmed that its new wagon will go on sale in the U.S. in late 2014.

The long-running joke at press dinners for various models of any make is that if auto journalists ran the car companies, they'd all be making and selling compact, turbodiesel wagons with manual transmissions. We've got to give Volkswagen kudos for actually making good on that promise.

Source: Volkswagen

VW should be congratulated and Audi will probably suffer....the new crop of VW's is so close to an AUDI look that sales MUST be getting cannibalized. VW's conservative styling - like Mercedes in the 1980's - is a winner!
David Lundeen
Having owned a VW in the past, there is no way I would buy another one.
Dar Davis
It would sell very well. Plus it is great looking. The gen 7 Golf is best looking yet.
Tim Lucas
Jean Jennings
Love this face. The Jennings family's 2013 Jetta Sportwagen TDI (6sp man) has a ton of space. Currently getting an easy 45mpg. Should improve once we rack up 50-60K miles and it is truly broken in. --Jean
Please deliver us from auto writers demented dreams of an America filled with soot spewing wagons.  Euro-lemmings that long to be more Euro-like need to get a life and realize that only a TINY fraction of American car buyers want what they want in an automobile.  That is the ONLY reason there are so few wagons that sell.....the market wants no part of them.  Europeans buy diesels in huge numbers because of TAXATION rates on gasoline engines and gasoline fuel compared to diesel.  Auto writers NEVER talk about that because the truth matters not to people trying to advance an agenda.
Fan David
why not make the bigger Passat wagon TDI instead? if you want a wagon, you want more spaces. Someone mentioned a TDI mini-van. That's a great idea too.
Jon Kithcart
Need to replace my 09 passat wagon with something!.... Options pegged at zero.... Guess this is it... Too bad I know I'll never get a sunroof, manual transmission and 2.0t over here....
Nilo Alexander Vargas
put it AWD and it'll be perfect.
Patrick D Booth
1.4 and 1.8TSi engines please.
Isaac Falvey
Yes, please.
Manish Kumar
Very good market Volkswagen
Craig Stishenko
The key to this being news is not that we have had the wagon in north america for years.. this is the first offering in the gen 7 car.
Craig Stishenko
Nerds? The new tdis are a blast to drive. Economical, but when you need to pass, there is 240 ft lb on tap.
Robert Freeman
Probably big on Facebook.guaranteed fail then.
Robert Jordan
Me likey! Great lines and sharp looking rims.
Junaid Qureshi
Donna Johnson-Short
Not quite like that Lexus you forced me to ride in...
Bradley Yoder
Yes please...but what I really want is for VW to bring their diesel minivan. Like, yesterday...
Ian Duncan
Jake Chapman
We need the A6 Avant
Jake Chapman
Love it
Patrick D Booth
I love the new Golf and Golf Wagon, can't wait for them to arrive in the US.
Rob Hall
It's been around for years in the US already
Benjamin Davis
Its butt ugly. just sayin.
Lee Klein
Love it. Please bring to US. Looks even better than the new 3dr and 5dr. This car is SWEET (and oh so practical).
Jerry Barvinek
??...you can buy a Golf 2.0L TDI 5 speed in Canada right now. Is it not available in the US?
David Sivertsen-Neale
Matt Tierney
Yes, please.
Jason Haza
We dig our 09 SprtWagen...can't wait to see this one in person!
Igor Magun
If it still has a diesel and a manual by the time it makes it across the pond, I would gladly pay an absurd amount of money for it.
Mike Dunlap
Mazda 6 would be preferable
Chuck KidneyStone
You had me at manual transmission
Glenn Sergeant

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