2014 Range Rover Sport Spied Before Debut

Automobile Staff

Land Rover fans who were hotly anticipating the reveal of the 2014 Range Rover Sport at the New York auto show later this month don't have to wait any longer. Here is the Evoque-inspired 2014 Range Rover Sport, caught sans camouflage before its debut.

We were tipped off by a friend of Automobile Magazine, and while the exact source of the photos is still a bit sketchy, this is clearly the new Range Rover Sport. The SUV's design matches up perfectly with what's we've been able to see from past spy shots, and the color of the car pictured here even matches the teaser photo Land Rover released earlier this week. Unsurprisingly, the Sport's design borrows heavily from the Evoque and the Range Rover. Details we didn't know about before include revamped, sportier-looking side vents, large hood vents, and chrome dual exhaust that poke out from under the rear skid plate. The taillights manage to evolve the outgoing Range Rover Sport's lamps, while molding them into more Evoque-like shapes. Blacked-out pillars and roof and tinted headlight lenses will probably be optional, but give the Sport a menacing look. This specific car has deeply tinted windows, so there's no telling what the interior is like, but we'd guess that it'll have the same clean design as the Range Rover.

Expect the engine range to mirror that of the bigger Range Rover: the base engine will be a supercharged 3.0-liter V-6, while upmarket models will get a supercharged 5.0-liter V-8. There's little doubt that the Range Rover Sport won't use the eight-speed automatic from the Range Rover, but Land Rover did just debut a nine-speed for the Evoque, so it's anyone's guess at this point.

Stay tuned for the full information on the 2014 Range Rover Sport once it makes its debut at the New York auto show in two weeks.

Source: Sam Moores Photography

Manuel Diaz
uuuuyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! :V
Nanci Glindmyer
I want one of these in my driveway. =)
Balbir Singh
oy hoooooooooooooo ki soni gadi h yaaro nazar hatti hi nahi
Steve Hermeyer
Just leaked? Like oil, or coolant from overheating? If Range Rover is still as bad as their reputation, the new wears off fast when the very extensive list of repairs, maintenance, and grief hits. Wouldn't go there at all. Give me a new Jeep Grand Cherokee or a new Ford Explorer. All you get with a Range Rover is a lot of hype and a very over-priced vehicle.
Upendra Chougule
Its not Range Rover it's Range Rover Evoque-Awesome
David Washington
I claim this!
Marc Hamady
Looks like a Range Rover Evoque on steroids
Aung Ko
Andto ThemIsay
Tony Montgomery
How does a Range Rover Sport leak in a garage where a Grand Wagoneer is being worked on?
Doug Skipper
Don't forget the back!
Freedomsho Ti
Wow! 2014 Range Rover , perfect feature .
Eric Milliken-Moon
Move out of the way! There's a classic Grand Wagoneer in the back.
Ankit Sharma
Dream come true for me.
“%s: This is the 2014 %s %s %s: %sO%sIAS” AHHH OMG so excited to see it!
Andrew Boyd
Me like
TJ Leonard
Beautiful, if only it was reliable with reasonable ownership costs.
M Rick Richards
Yup, first thing I thought was... It looks like the new Explorer.
Nikash Shukla
Awesome boss,
Stepan Emirzian
Range Rovers have been leaking all sorts of fluids for a long time now :)
Pete Colombus
looks like an Explorer
Cooper Clarke
Brett Clarke
%s Only a few weeks away! Have you secured your %s tickets?

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