2014 Jeep Cherokee Midsize SUV Revealed

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The 2014 Jeep Cherokee (yes, you read that right) is back in Jeep's U.S. lineup, serving as a replacement for the aging Liberty midsize SUV that featured far more off-roading capability than on-road fuel economy. The new Cherokee will make its world debut at the 2013 New York auto show at the end of March.

Before any midsize SUV customers hear about the 2014 Jeep Cherokee's 45-percent improvement in fuel economy, the comments are bound to fly about its new exterior look. Like the Nissan Juke, the 2014 Cherokee has three sets of front lights, including one with LED daytime running lights. The seven-bar Jeep grille is prominently displayed, with a pulled-back look that's far more modern than the Cherokee of yore -- or Liberty for that matter -- ever was.

The Jeep Liberty finished 2012 with sales of 75,483, ahead of the Patriot and Compass, but behind the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. With far more competitive fuel economy and exterior styling that will get its driver noticed, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee might just have what it takes to become a more significant part of Jeep's lineup. And those who complain the 2014 Cherokee isn't as off-road ready as its predecessor can always buy a Wrangler or Grand Cherokee. Rumor has it that the new Cherokee will use a 3.2-liter version of the Pentastar V-6 and could possibly be one of the first Chrysler products to employ a ZF-sourced nine-speed automatic transmission.

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee will arrive at dealers in the third quarter of this year and be built at Jeep's facility in Toledo, Ohio.

Source: Jeep

As much as I love the Grand Cherokee, even the base models are moving out of the price range in affordability and that's with a 4x2 model no less. The SRT now breaks the $70,000.00 mark making it one of America's most expensive SUVs. It's time to bring an affordable but highly capable Jeep Cherokee to the lineup. Aside from looks, I heard a Trailhawk variant actually looks pretty decent compared to what we see here. I will take Allen's word that this new Jeep Cherokee will be trail rated, once they prove its off-road prowess, its fuel economy, then maybe the critics will be silenced. Until then, we need to see what this thing has got.
That last is a little off. There used to be the Cherokee that was more utilitarian and the Grand Cherokee that was more upscale and luxurious. Then the Cherokee was renamed the Liberty and the Grand Cherokee retained its name. Now they are going back to Cherokee/Grand Cherokee. The new Cherokee replaces the Liberty, not it and the Grand Cherokee both. So relax, if you like the luxury of the Grand Cherokee, it will still be available in an updated model for 2014. I like the shape of the hood and the modified grill of the new Cherokee and I bet the odd look of the lights will grow on a lot of people. I'd like to see what the back of the vehicle looks like before I give it a final thumbs up.
headlight design is horrible, but more horrible is the idea of bringing back the cherokee sans grand moniker.  Way back when, Grand Cherokee and Grand Wagoneer meant top of the line trim level, back in the 90s that changed, and I really think having the cherokee name on a cheaper totally unrelated model is a mistake that cheapens the Grand Cherokee.  They either need to keep the liberty name or bring back another name from Jeep's past.
Martin Meyer
BMW guy from SMF
I hope they offer the big red button on the dash as an option!  Ha ha ... I know for testing only, emergency engine stop, etc.  But it is Fiat/Chrysler underneath!
It is a horrible, hurried, mixed-up mess-- not a well-thought out design. Evokes a face in pain, doesn't say Jeep at all. I don't know where to look. Too many separate and competing elements. Slim headlights borrowed from previous-gen ChryCo mini-vans are roughly same size as vertical grille openings. Are these skinny headlights supposed to be the 'eyebrows' to the mid-level, chunky trapezoid 'eye' lights? Below these, non-matching, rounded fog lights? Lower grille looks stolen from a Kia. I like how vertical grille bars have horizontal crease running through, like new Buicks.Compare this to how pulled together, stately and powerful the front of Grand Cherokee is now, after lumpy and bulbous earlier stages.
The more I look at this the better I like it.....clearly the Italians were hard at work....love the grille and how it is centered on the hood line.....
Tim Lucas
I like it. It's different, it will grow on people.
Terrence Terry Vegas Webb
Younnas Alginusa
some Italian design language on it,
Nilo Alexander Vargas
it's a Pontiac Aztek.
Aman Kumar
Nagaraj LS
i like it
Luciano Noceti
Awfull... so ugly that hurts the eye... =(
Cyrus Nick Shrewsbury
Looks like the next Pontiac Aztec..
Anita Parodo
Looks like a jack-o-lantern.=JP
Sam Adams
It looks like silver lipstick on a pig.
Paul Brooks
so sad,,first the Corvette and now the Cherokee,, what am I going to buy with my lottery winnings?
Dominick Ruggiero
by god thats ugly!!
James Moody
Gary Craig
The whole segment of these cars,are for women.
Bryan Nonya
Don't look very off road to me.
Aravin Das
following the juke.....................
Good lord, that is the most hideous thing I've seen in a long time.   And that includes Chinese stuff. 
Alex S Lui
this look way too weird like a giant spider
Alex Brown
EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Its just the headlights that are freaking me out.
Streetview Productions
Haters gonna hate! The new Cherokee certainly is getting a big reaction. We like the futuristic look. You can't expect them to keep the same boxy design forever.
Kahdir Johnson
Steven Barahona
It's ugggglllllyyyyyyy for goodness sake
Chris Story
It looks ridiculous. I've always liked Jeep styling, until this.
Mark Britton
Not so sure about this one.
Rick Reny
The grill is excellent looking, and the chin spoiler design is nice as well, but with the 3 pairs of muti-tiered lights it just looks too busy. Still better looking than the liberty it replaces, I wonder why Jeep chose a rounded and creased design for the new cherokee, when the original was known so well for its squareness.
Zachary Yarnes
The ugliest thing I have ever seen
Larry Dreifke
Definitely "Jukeish". Definitely ugly.
Matthew Paulson
Ick, why can't car companies just leave well enough alone.
Reid Crowder
Josh Hoover
Too much going on
Aaron Hill
it will sell like hotcakes!
Tom Muc
Fran Curtis
It's great grand father Willeys is rolling in it's Jeep heaven somewhere, I know my ol CJs are screaming from where ever they are after raising so much hell here on earth. THAT my friends is not a jeep you will see on top of a mountain any thime soon.
Ryan Berry
Mercury Swift
Jim Marks
After owning four Grand Cherokees I stopped buying Jeeps in 2002 They just got too bloated and expensive, but if this "Cherokee" comes with it's rumored specs and tech and if they can keep the price of a nicely equipped version under 30K... They just might get me back
Ryan Davies
That's terrible.
Thomas Limpo
Agree the grill is a fresh approach for the Jeep Brand ID, but cannot believe Allen, Gilles and company could approve this design without some "bad news" Federal Mandate guidelines for the DRL, headlights and aux lights. I pray this is not a "choice" of design. Lower grill is very Kia and looks out of place. -Shame.
Rob Yurksaitis
Looks like Kia designed the front end.
Farhad Nikokar
ما هم ماشین میزنیم دیگه پراید 20 تومن
Izzad Karim Shah
Ëdgár Benîtez
Fugly! !
Mike Goetz
Current Cherokee????

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