2014 BMW 328d Rated by EPA

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BMW announced last year that it would be bringing a more efficient 328d diesel model to the U.S., and the EPA has now released fuel economy estimates for this model. The 2014 BMW 328d sedan is rated at 32/45/37 mpg city/highway/combined when equipped with rear-wheel drive, the 2.0-liter turbo diesel four-cylinder, and an eight-speed automatic. The all-wheel-drive BMW 328d sedan and wagon receive slightly lower estimates of 31/43/35 mpg.

The 2014 BMW 328d marks a new approach for the 3 Series diesel after BMW’s previous attempt in the U.S. with the 335d model of the 2006 to 2011 3 Series. Instead of the new 328d’s efficient four-cylinder, the 335d featured a much more powerful six-cylinder turbodiesel but failed to make a big splash in the U.S. due to its nominal fuel economy benefit and high cost.

The new, more efficient four-cylinder diesel puts the 328d at the top of the heap in terms of diesel fuel economy even when compared to less powerful diesel models from Volkswagen like the Jetta, which is rated at 30/42/34 mpg city/highway/combined. The 2014 BMW 328d produces 180 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, versus the Jetta's 140 hp and 236 lb-ft.

Compared with the gasoline four-cylinder BMW 3 Series models, the 328d is the fuel economy leader as well: the 320i is rated at 23/36 mpg city/highway and the 328i achieves 22/34 mpg.

The 328d is priced in between the 328i and 335i gasoline models, with a 328d sedan starting at $39,525 with destination. The xDrive all-wheel-drive system adds $2000, and the 328d wagon, which is available only with xDrive, starts at $43,875 with destination. The 2014 BMW 328d goes on sale this fall.

Source: FuelEconomy.gov, BMW

Correction to my previous post. Should read: "at speeds sometimes exceeding 250 Km/Hr (156 Mi/hr) not as incorrectly typed 200 Km/Hr. Sorry for the typo. 
The 2014 328D is the same as the 2013 320D available in Germany. I drove a brand new 320D wagon in September 2013 from 6 Km (4 miles) for 3200 Km (2000 mi) full with four adults and their many bags, up and down the Alps in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland and cruising the Autobahn at speeds sometimes exceeding 200 Km/Hr (156 Mi/hr). The average fuel consumption was 37.5 Mi/gl. I found the car to be stable at all speeds, quick and responsive and fun to drive. I drove the car mostly in Sports mode and found it to be plenty powerful on even the steepest and most challenging mountain roads, while keeping up well with more powerful Porches, Audis, Mercedes or other BMW. At one point, I was able to keep up on a very treacherous mountain pass with a Ferrari Italia, though that may have been more a driver difference than the car's abilities.  
I strongly recommend the 328D as a sporty, powerful and economical vehicle. This comes from a dedicated M3 driver.  If one requires more power and space, albeit at the downside of a heavier and pricer car, one can chose the 535D. This car comes with a 6 cylinder turbo diesel with more HP (288) and torque (418 ft/lbf). Of course, this is a more expensive but also more luxurious and larger vehicle. While it presents impressive fuel economy, it is slightly less than the 328D. (38 Hwy vs. 45 Hwy).
What we need to know is how this car drives and whether it is powerful enough given the much lower HP compared to the 328i but increased torque.  Is it underpowered, sufficient or peppy compared to the 328i.
I have not seen were a major car mag has gotten BMW's MPG numbers from the four and six cylinder options.   I think most, even CR only got 30 hwy out of it. I may be wrong but dont have time to look it up.

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