2012 Bugatti Veyron Replacement Planned

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Bugatti Veyron 16.4

According to an Autocar report, Bugatti is still pumping time and money into the Veyron. Not only is the development of a replacement underway, a more powerful Veyron GT is on the way and customers are already placing deposits on it.

We're not sure the Veyron needs any more power since it already packs an incredible 1001 hp, but Dr. Franz-Josef Paefgen, CEO of Bugatti, explained that "Bugatti Veyron customers are very extreme people." Adding more power to the Veyron would certainly take it from extreme to very extreme. And the price will likely follow suit.

Paefgen also told Autocar that Bugatti will not be closing up shop after the 300th Veyron is built. Another range-topping vehicle is the next step, not a smaller, cheaper car that would allow Bugatti to sell in volume. It looks like the exclusivity of a Bugatti will remain as long as Paefgen is at the helm.

Source: Autocar

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I've heard about it to some news and articles.I know a lot of car enthusiasts are waiting fpr this new Bugatti tentatively said on 2012.Another record holder after the long break,Bugatti Veyron will be shown again.
Hey here is another bragginig right for you super rich veron owners out there,the fastest way to go bankrupt,so enjoy it while it lasts,cuase in a cuple years from now you will be just like everybody else,driving a geeky fourseater.
Great to hear this.... If anyone would like to see how the Veyron is built go to: www.apinsights.info to see the video. If you have ever driven one of these you will never forget it... One of our editor got to drive it...Power, Power.....
The Veyron doesn't need any more power but to satisfy the over-inflated egos of owners, a bump in power gives them extra bragging rights.---I've linked to this article on http://DriveCritic.com/

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