2010 Hyundai Genesis gets eight-speed transmission

2009 Hyundai Genesis

The 2009 Hyundai Genesis’ six-speed automatic transmission is one smooth-shifting gearbox, but Hyundai’s not content to rest on its laurels. For 2010, Genesis V-8 models will be mated to an all-new eight-speed transmission.

Unlike the present six-speed transmission offered with the 4.6-liter ‘Tau’ V-8, the eight-speed transmission is not a ZF design, but one designed and fabricated entirely by Hyundai. Though not yet announced, we’re betting the V-6 Genesis model will stay with the six-speed automatic, which comes from Aisin.

The eight-speed matches the number of speeds offered on the Lexus LS, beats that of most Mercedes-Benz models by one, and will match that of the BMW 5- and 7-series, when those ranges begin using ZF’s eight-speed transmission.

Source: Green Car Advisor

This will be my next car ok,,,I currently have a 07 Bmw 7 series let me say this the car is beautiful but the dam thing is always at the dealer for suspension issues and engine problems 93 k for what,,and than my other vehicle is a 07 Audi A6 wagon which is also plagued with engine issues,,,freaking german luxury they better get there heads out of there butts and realize quality of the automobile is just as important as looks of it and or status of it,,,so I hope the genesis forces these Bmw & Audi back to the drawing boards and put quality in there cars
I've had the opportunity to drive the Genesis V8 and let me tell you, this is one sweet ride. No, it's not a speed demon, but will move pretty well. This car rides like a dream and the interior is absolutely beautiful. The 8 spd tranny should help with MPG and off the line performance. Great job Hyundai!!!
What I really wanted to say was that Hyundai isn't playing around. All those luxury brands better watch out. For real.
I've been seeing a few Genesises (Genesi?) on the road...the car looks great. Adding an eight-speed transmission will surely add to the luxury appeal of this car.

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