2009 Mercedes-Benz S-Class to Feature Splitview Display

December 11, 2008
A new technology will soon be available to make those long trips with your significant other a little easier. Mercedes-Benz is preparing to offer an innovative new LCD monitor that will display navigation directions to the driver while keeping the passenger entertained by allowing him or her to watch DVDs, TV channels or music videos.
This passenger preoccupation technology is called Splitview, and it was developed with Bosch to integrate into the innovative COMAND system. It is able to display two different images at the same time using pixels placed adjacent to each other. A filter built into the screen divides the mixed image showing one image to driver and the other to the passenger. Backseat occupants, however, still need their own screen(s).
The driver still gets the full functionality of the COMAND system as well as the option of peace and quiet. To avoid distraction or conversation, the passenger can use headphones to enjoy the media, and even gains a remote to control their entertainment.
The Splitview system will be offered in the S-class beginning in summer of 2009.


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  • 2009 Mercedes Benz S Class Splitview Display
  • 2009 Mercedes Benz S Class Splitview Display

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