2009 Geneva: No 1350 hp Bugatti Veyron on the Floor

Sorry kids, the rumored 1350 hp Bugatti Veyron allegedly debuting at the 2009 Geneva motor show turned out to be nothing more than a rumor.

Instead of an (even more) insanely powerful Veyron, Bugatti showed a 1 of 1 Bleu Centenaire. Essentially a glossy blue over matte blue color palette, this Bleu Centenaire isn't substantially different from the traditional Veyron coupe. No Grand Sport-style removable roof, no extra power, no higher top speed.

The car is intended to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Bugatti company. Personally, I think the colors would look great on a Type 35, and showing a vintage Type 35 may have been a more interesting way of celebrating an anniversary. But the Bleu Centenaire Veyron certainly stirred the rumor mill and brought Bugatti lots of free publicity while reminding you not everything you read on the internet is true.

It's not nice to lie about a car that goes 253 mph and 1001 hp. That's a diss- respect to the Bugatti people who spend billions of they hard earn money to make the closest thing to a UFO. For all who love and drive them with all they heart and etc. I'll never say anything bad about a car that cost $1,750,000.00+ give or take. It's close to Christmas anyways Im telling Santa/universe I want the Bugatti veyron l'or Blanc in my chateau in France garage.......thinking positive.
i dont care if this car does not put out 1350hp is still fast!!!!! it will be more fast than you will ever go!.Saving Endangered species is Fred Smilek passion in life, if it is your passion educate yourself as well. http://www.fredjsmilek.com
Oh well. Should have known that a 1350 hp Veyron was too good to be true.

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