2009 Ford Flex wont be marketed as a minivan replacement

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2009 Ford Flex In New York City

Ford doesn't want buyers to think of the 2009 Flex as another minivan replacement.

Ford is hoping to sell the 2009 Flex crossover to stylish urbanites when the advertising campaign kicks off this year. Though the Flex is large enough to carry a family and all the related goods, Ford hopes to reach a trendy crowd with its new crossover.

Jim Farley, Ford's marketing chief, is behind the change in advertising. Farley came to Ford from Scion, so he is familiar with the more unique marketing strategy Flex will utilize. Ford marketers were already trying to figure out a new way to pitch the Flex, but Farley really helped shape the direction of the ads. He challenged the marketing team to find a better way to sell the Flex.

Ford is hoping to draw current owners of SUVs to the Flex in order to sell the loaded models. Flex will be priced from $28,995 and run into the mid-$40,000s when loaded with options. Current SUV owners likely spent more than that on mid- or full-size vehicles and shouldn't complain too much about the prices.

Flex is being billed as somewhat of an anti-minivan. The sliding rear doors were changed to conventional doors early in the development process. That switch freed up money to be spent on interior upgrades without forcing the sticker price to swell, as well as saving Flex from a minivan stigma.

Source: Automotive News

It looks good, but enough with the SUVs/minivans/crossovers. How about a decent small car, Ford? Can't wait to watch this "bold move" die from neglect and cost cutting after its debut, like most Ford innovations.Remember how cool the Taurus once was? Exactly.

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