2009 Acura TL Sales up in October

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2009 Acura Tl

In an impressive feat, the 2009 Acura TL sold more units in October of this year than the 2008 TL sold in October 2007, despite the dismal sales last month.

The new TL has the latest version of the Acura “beak.” Not many journalists like the new nose, but at least it gets people to look at the car and the attention seems to have worked. The 2009 TL sold 4,340 units in October, its first month of sales, which is 22.2 percent more than last October.

Acura’s total sales for October however, followed the rest of the industry in dropping. The total sales were down 24.5 percent.

These figures are very misleading. I live in the bay area and have not seen one 2009 Acura TL on the road. I see the TSX and MDX everywhere. Looks like Acura failed to mention from the October 2008 sales figures, how many of TLs sold are 08s and how many are 09s. People who were in love with the 08 model were waiting to see the new model prior to buying a TL. Now that many have seen the new 09, many have said it is ugly and are buying up all the 08 models. This doesn't mean the 09 TL model is selling. Acura didn't even have the anticipated 09 TL 'SHAWD' available for delivery to the dealerships until middle of November 2008. Who is Acura kidding here, trying to inflate the new models numbers to get people interested in the 09. American Honda Vehicle Sales For October 2008 Month-to-Date October October DSR** 2008 2007 % Chg. Acura Division Total 10,108 12,886 -24.5% RSX 0 0 TL * 4,340 3,421 22.2% TSX 1,844 2,308 -23.1% RL 272 365 -28.2% MDX * 3,005 4,855 -40.4% RDX * 647 1,937 -67.8% Selling Days 27 26 Year-to-Date October October DSR** 2008 2007 % Chg. Acura Division Total 125,936 149,612 -16.2% RSX 1 295 -99.7% TL * 39,999 48,493 -17.8% TSX 27,982 28,315 -1.6% RL 4,038 5,284 -23.9% MDX * 39,893 47,809 -16.9% RDX * 14,023 19,414 -28.0% Selling Days 257 256 * Honda and Acura vehicles are made of domestic and global sourced parts. ** Daily Selling RateSOURCE American Honda Motor *** Inc.

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