2008 Smart Fortwo Pricing Information


DaimlerChrysler is trying to gauge interest in the Fortwo in the States, and buyers are being asked to back up their words with a fistful of dollars. By logging on to Smart's U.S. site, www.smartusa.com, interested customers can pay a registration fee of $99 to earn a place in line when the minicars finally invade. What that money gets you is a place on the list, along with your color and model choices. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually guarantee that you'll get a car. If your order cannot be filled, the full $99 will be returned.

The big news, though, is that the registration form provides some early pricing estimates. The base trim, called Pure, will be priced under $12,000, but doesn't even feature a radio. To get that, you'll have to buy the $14,000 Passion model. Taking the top off the Passion for the cabrio model costs another $3000. This may seem like a pretty high price for something so tiny, but the $12,000 base is thousands under what many of us expected. The Fortwo may be small, but it is European, Mercedes-supported, and trendy. With that said, the interior plastics of the Smarts we've seen aren't fantastic, and they're by no means performance machines. We think the pricing is right where it needs to be, along the lines of the equally trendy Scion xB.

We own a 2000 Toyota Echo,maual transmission, that regularly gets 39 miles per gallon per tankful.Possibly the most misunderstood car Toyota ever put out,the Echo's performance competes very well against the Smart car and it's much bigger on the road.Even the Yaris gets fourty to the gallon hwy so paying a premium for a car that is special only because it's the size of a covered golf cart makes no sense.Besides,when my Toyota needs fixing I have an entire country filled with Toyota dealers to take it too.And because Toyota's volumes are much higher the parts will be much cheaper than the Smartcar to fix it.This Smartcar will likely do just what the Yugo did.Arrive and two years later leave the country.
The CO2 Hype is stupid!Im from old Germany (Bavaria). The CO2 ├ľko-Hype in germany ist no going down, but I buy now a new BMW 118d (Diesel powered) car. It needs only 123g/km. Is the CO2 Champion for bigger car. The Smart is a CO2 Loser, Is a to small car(88g/km)!!! My another car ist a small Rover 25 Diesel Sport Coupe. Its a nice car. I drive no 20 years small cars for long runs and bigger cars to cruising. I dont like and never buy a Toyota & Lexus Hyprid bull-shit cars.Thanks and a happy day to all BMW fans and all drivers of US cars.

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