2008 Mercedes Benz S63

Automobile Staff
Fast And Vigorous

A little lower, please.

I've always felt that certain cars have too much technology built into them. Why has it become so difficult to perform simple functions, like adjusting the air conditioning or changing the radio station? This morning, my opinion was swayed, when I was given a 45-minute back massage in the Mercedes S63 during my drive to work. I set my massage to fast and vigorous to match my driving style and settled in to my drive. This had to be one of my most satisfying commutes ever--I had ESPN on the radio, air circulating under me, eight windshield squirters that could clear paint off a building, and a car capable of just about anything. I even had sensors to warn me when the car I'm overtaking was a bit too close for me to cut in! I knew I was likely burning 11 miles to the gallon, but it was still less expensive than going out for a massage on my lunch hour.

Don't lie to the nice people. You don't get a lunch hour.--Jean Jennings

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