2008 Lexus IS F to be shown at the Detroit auto show

Lexus Is F Teaser

Is the rest of this car going to be as outrageous as the tail end of the exhaust pipe? We hope so.

After months-years-of speculation, Lexus has officially announced that it will indeed launch a performance division dubbed, simply, "F" (for fast?). The first model, predictably, will be based off their smallest sedan, the IS. Early guesses were that a high-powered V-8 would live under the hood, but in recent weeks there have been rumors of a hybrid powertrain. Lexus put the kibosh on that, announcing that the car will indeed be V-8 powered when it goes to into battle against the Audi S4, the Cadillac CTS-V, and the upcoming BMW M3. So far we've seen only this teaser image, and if the outrageous offset, stacked exhaust tips hint at the rest of the car, it should be pretty mean. But will it be enough for Lexus to finally be taken seriously in among enthusiasts?

Along with the IS-F, look for Lexus to show off another exotic coupe in the vein of the LF-A concept from two years back. This time, maybe they'll actually build the thing.

Lexus ALWAYS understates their 0 - 60 times by at least .5 seconds. Here are the results of the 5 Top Luxury Cars in this test which was reported in the January Issue of Car and Driver. Please note these tests were all done on the same day at about the same time and at the same altitude. The results reflect the average of 3 runs and all cars are the 2007 vintage.Mercedes S550 5.6, 0 - 60 quarter mile in 14.1 BMW 750iL 5.7, 0 - 60 quarter mile in 14.2Jag XJ Super 6.0 0 - 60 quarter mile 14.5Lexus LS460L 6.2 0 - 60 quarter mile 14.6Audi A8 6.8 0 - 60 quarter mile 15.2Note that Lexus, as usual, is more than the 5.4 the manufacturer CLAIMS to get by .8 seconds.Also note the LS430 (prior model the LS460 replaced) was rated at 295 HP and was actually 278 when Lexus corrected their rating. And there were no refunds or apologies from the so-called "quality" car company. ABC - Always Be Careful what you buy from the Lexus people.....

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