2008-2010 BMW 5 Series Recalled For Taillight Flaw

September 20, 2013
2010 BMW 550i Rear Three Quarter
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2008-2010 BMW 5 Series
The Problem: A design change in the taillights for the 2008-2010 BMW 5 Series, including the M5 high-performance sedan, allowed the ground terminal inside the taillight assembly to degrade over time. This could prevent the taillights, turn signals, or reversing lights from illuminating properly, which could increase the chance of an accident. However, BMW said in a letter to NHTSA that it has no reports of this problem leading to an accident, although the company began investigating the problem after receiving a high number of warranty requests for new taillights.
The Fix: BMW will replace the taillights with a new version that includes a secondary ground connection. The recall will start in October.
Number Of Vehicles Potentially Affected: 134,100 2008-2010 BMW 5 Series models, of which BMW expects about 15 percent to have faulty rear lights.


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