2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Warning Sticker

2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

;Next time you happen to be in a new Jeep Wrangler, take a look at the headliner. You may see an interesting warning.

This sticker, found;above the windshield;on our Four Season Wrangler Unlimited reads, in warning yellow: "The top and doors on this vehicle are designed only for protection against the elements. Do not rely on the top and doors to contain occupants within the vehicle or to protect against injury during an accident. Wear seatbelts at all times."

Riiiiighhht. So how is that supposed to be taken? The doors are for decoration only? They offer all the protection of an umbrella? If that doesn't make you think twice before engaging in any sort of hooligan activity while driving a Wrangler, I don't know what will.

It is a JEEP for goodness sakes! It was built to be taken off road and it was also built well enough to be driven on-road by responsible people.The doors are made to be taken off. The top comes off. The windshield folds down forward. The things climb like a goat. Wranglers are great vehicles for those of us who drive defensively and have common sense. They aren't for everyone. Of course there is a warning sticker. You'd *** if there wasn't.
i dont own a jeep but do agree with onebummer.its a chrysler thing..look at the tailgate of all its minivans..grand caravan is always gray and dull cause of chrome peeling off...cant even build a good emblem?? what bout rest of car.a lil scary
payed 52 grand for my GRAND CHEROKE OVERLANDER and you think that the emblems would keep that cheesy chrome look on them NOT 1 yr after purchase and they are now all white sad but Im not thinking of buying another its getting over priced and cheaper built Another disatisfied chryler worker
It seems that the 2007 jeep grand cherokee's are pooly built, I purchased one in june and since then it has been one problem after another with no end in sight. my latest problem is a weak door jam where the door hinge mounts. Just opening and closing the door daily has weaken the door frame to a point that the hinge has moved enough that it caught the fender, now I have a brand spanken new jeep with a bent vender that the dealer won't fix!!!. This is my second grand cherokee and will be my last! It is sad that american auto makers are producing such poorly built cars! I would rather drive my 1966 VW bug on the hotest day of the year than drive my new jeep!!!b-rad-g
As car warnings go that is pretty tame.Kudos to Jeep for covering their asses from their over eager customers Lawyers.Most Jeeps have rollbars on them stock these days,but you gotta wear the seat belts or you could easily be UNDER the Jeep if it ever rolls over.SQUISH.
Exactly what theBrucer said. My buddy has a Wrangler, and the tops (both plastic and cloth) are worthless in terms of structural strength. The doors, however, should offer SOME crash protection; they are solid metal afterall.So basically, if you're driving a Wrangler, don't have a horrible accident because you'll probably find yourself flying through the Pearly Gates on fire.
ITS A JEEP! The fact that the doors and top come off and the the front wind screen can fold is what makes the vehicle so desirable to those who buy it. We all know the real reason for this label--a reminder of our latigious homeland.

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