2007-2008 Chevrolet Impala Owners Suing GM Over Tire Wear

Is there a reason why some owners are seeing excessive rear tire wear on their 2007-2008 Chevrolet Impalas? A new lawsuit says yes, pointing directly to faulty rear suspension bars, and is seeking reparation from General Motors as a result.

The lawsuit was filed under one ower, Donna Trusky, according to The Detroit News, and stated that she had to replace her rear tires due to wear twice in under 25,000 miles. The wear has allegedly been attributed to faulty rods in the rear suspension linkage. Nearly 55 other owners have complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the same issue. For the record, Chevrolet built close to 423,000 Impalas over the course of the 2007 and 2008 model years.

The issue isn’t exactly a foreign one to GM. In fact, the company recalled police-spec Impalas in 2008 to address this very problem, but has yet to issue something similar for civilian vehicles. The automaker tells the News that the police-spec and civilian Impalas are different enough (i.e. different suspension parts) that regular cars didn’t need the fix. The recall involved dealers realigning the rear wheels, replacing the rods, and replacing worn tires if necessary.

According to one of the owners who filed a complaint, there is a “fix kit” available to customers, but is required to be purchased by the owner, and is not covered under warranty. When we contacted GM, they let us know that a technical service bulletin was issued to dealers on procedures to fix the issue, there was no kit made available by the manufacturer.

Source: The Detroit News

Lisa Segrist Lagunas
I am having the same problem as I am reading here about the rear suspension on my 2008 Impala LTZ. Has there been a recall? Is GM paying for the kit to fix the rear suspension? I took my car to the mechanic yesterday and they said it felt like the rear end was going to fall out of it, when they drove it. They said it could be dangerous so I had to leave it there overnight because I live 25 miles away and they were afraid for me to drive it. Talk about an inconvenience!! Someone please respond if you know of a "fix" from GM. Thanks
I am having the same issue as you all, I had to put a 2nd set of tires on my car and its not even at 40,000 miles. I spent 544.00 to have the car realigned. I want in on this lawsuit. I will never buy another pos chevy.
2008 impala first set of tires went at 28,000 miles I put on bfGoodrich tires which was a 70,000 mile tire. My tires now have 23,000 on the rear tire are shot front show some wear do to being rotated ,I have an appointment in the morning with chevy to see what they say when i talked to him on the phone he said no recall's and was not aware of any tire problems so we'll see probaly end up paying for the kit and replace the tire's i hope it work's my wife loves her impala and i filed a complaint with chevy in detroit on thursday also said they have had no complaints but i've been in serval websites and the same complaintsI would like to get into the class action law suit too if anyone knows how let me know
I am having the same problem with my 2007 Impala, this is the 3rd set of tires in 12 months, the inside keeps wearing and no one has been able to figure it out!!!! How can I join in the lawsuit? I am going broke here!!!
Ron Leamer
Had similar problems with my 2008 Impala SS and took it to a local allignment shop and they told me that they had fixed numerous Impalas. They indicated that the rearends were out of allignment when shipped from the factory.
I bought my 2007 Impala New and it has 62,000 miles on it. it has the 3rd set of tires on it and they need changing again. I have been buying good tires that are supose to get alot of miles and cost 125.00. the car wears them fast. Its too bad GM doesn't fix them, I really like the car otherwise.
OMG! I have the same problem. Did not know that there was even a site for this. I have a 2007 Impala and I am forever replacing the tires. I don't drive the car that far to get to work, but I find that i always need tires. I'm on here today looking for tires for a trip down South.
Dave Mazz
In court, GM is claiming it's not liable for "old GM's" (pre-bankruptcy) issues. Talk about irony... GM's bankruptcy was engineered by the U.S. Government and essentially used taxpayers money to fund it. Now GM is using this same bankruptcy filing to try and screw their old, loyal, customers, and weasel out of fixing the defective Impalas. And remember how quick U.S. congressmen were to condemn Toyota over the "intended acceleration" issue that seems to be pure bullshit?? Why don't we see any of our loudmouth lawmakers going after GM?? I can offer current 2007-8 Impala owners one piece of advice. Get rid of your potentially dangerous vehicles (consider having a blow-out when traveling 70 mph), and buy something made by Ford....or Toyota. I don't know how much the Impala "fix" would cost...less than a $1,000.00 a car I would guess....but GM is saying your life, and that of your family is not worth this much.
James Harrell
I have an 08 Impala with 21,000 miles and have had many problems with the tires. Can't keep the car aligned. Dealer said nothing they can do about it.
Allan Szuflada
I purchased a 2007 chevy impala with about 50,000. miles on it . the tires looked brand new. I drove it to Alabama and had an oil change. The mechanic told me I needed new tires and showed me the rear tires. The belts were showing through. There was plenty of tread visible but you could not see the worn part unless you had the car on a lift. Do I have any recourse?
I have 25,000 miles on a new set of 50,000 mile Goodyear tires for my 2008 Impala. I noticed the rapid tire wear about six months ago and now I need new tires again. I want in on the lawsuit.
I have a 2007, I am in need of my 3rd set of tires, this is wrong. GM should make good there products
Anthony Jones, Sr
I have a chevy 08 impla. And my tires are wearing down.A i have only 30,000 miles and they are pretty bad .Everybody that has implas from 07-08 should get new tires from front to back. .
..and you wonder why they went bankrupt.
GM has a rock solid defense; you bought a GM you knew they are sub-standard vehicles - you got what you paid for, end of story.
A owner expense "fix kit" awah Chevy is gonna loose this one. That reminds me of my few month old Dodge product, both of the interior rear door panels fell off, "we don't have replacement parts so we can't fix it" oh really, either go pull the panels from another Dodge or give me my money back. They took the panels from another Dodge.
Ms. Aun
How does one join the lawsuit?
May aunt has an 08 with only 17,000 miles and she needs new tires. Thats crazy for a car thats only 3 years old and has barely any miles!

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