2005-2008 Ford Crown Victoria Investigated for Steering Column Separation

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the upper intermediate shaft in the Ford Crown Victoria's steering system that may separate.  This issue may affect as many as 195,000 2005-2008 models. The majority of these vehicles are in use in police fleets, having a virtual monopoly on the police car market from 1996 to 2006.

The shaft separation could result in a loss of control. The agency has received three reports of actual loss of vehicle control, and 10 reports of imminent separation based on inspection of fleets. The Crown Victoria and the CV-based Police Interceptor went out of production in September 2011, with the St. Thomas assembly plant in Talbotville, Ontario, closing with the last Crown Victoria off the line.

The Ford Police Interceptor lives on in the form of the front-wheel-drive Taurus-based model, as well as an Explorer-based Interceptor Utility model. Although outwardly similar to their civilian counterparts, Ford claims both models have been extensively re-engineered for the rigors of law-enforcement duty. Unlike the Dodge Charger and Chevrolet Caprice police models that offer optional V-8 power, the Ford Interceptor models are both exclusively V-6 powered, although the Interceptor sedan offers an optional EcoBoost V-6 offering comparable power output to its V-8 rivals.

Source: NHTSA

i saw a 2005/06 Lincoln town car stretch limo getting off the offramp near my house.. the driver was moving along side the drivers side tire steering it by pushing it straight..  the passenger was operating the pedals. they tried to make the turn to get out of traffic. but did not make it all the way.. i helped get it straightened out ..  i had them open the hood and i slid up under the dashboard..  there was NO corrosion.. this is los angeles. the slip tube and the double D shaft had separated and the slip tube slid thru the rubber bearing assembly on the floor.. 
i made the mistake and pushed them back together and worked them in with my pair of channellocks.. probably 3 or 4 inches.. the driver parked the car properly..  i walked across the street to my car as i wanted to write the vin number down.. as soon as i stepped away.. they all jumped in the car and sped away... hollywood lincoln mercury was only a few blocks away.. i am hoping they went there.. 
i called ford and i called mitchell.. but could go no farther as i did not have a vin number or build date.. i would sure want a carve a groove in the slip tube and put a snap ring on that tube... so it could not slide that far apart.. or...
machine a groove in the flats of the double D shaft.. that does not extend to the end.. then with the shaft assembled.. dent the outer tube to prevent the total separation.. of the upper shaft and the lower tube.. 

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