Aston Martin Lagonda Sedan Fully Revealed by Oman Airways

Oman Air may have just stolen Aston Martin’s thunder by revealing the new Aston Martin Lagonda sedan ahead of the automaker’s official premiere of this new model. We had previously only seen a profile teaser of the Lagonda, a superluxury sedan exclusively for customers in the Middle East that revives the historic Lagonda name which applied to a rare Aston Martin four-door sold in the 1970s.

In these photos, the sleek front end of the Aston Martin Lagonda displays the traditional Aston Martin grille that’s flanked by wide, narrow headlights. Wide front fenders give the sedan a muscular look, and transition smoothly to the long, elegant side flanks. At the back is a horizontal metallic strip that runs across the length of the rear end and bisects the narrow horizontal taillamps that mimic the look of other Aston models like the Rapide and Vantage.

Oman Air is partnering with Aston Martin to help the company perform hot weather testing of the Lagonda in Muscat, Oman. The airline’s cargo division was thus enlisted to transport the Lagonda from Aston Martin’s factory in Gaydon, U.K. to Oman for the testing, and then back again.

When the Aston Martin Lagonda goes on sale sometime next year, it will be offered in limited numbers only to select customers in the Middle East. The rumor is that the car will pack at least 550 hp from a V-12 engine, and it’s likely that this sedan is based on the existing VH architecture that underpins other Aston models.

Stay tuned for more news as Aston Martin officially debuts the Lagonda sedan, and in the meantime check out these photos courtesy of Oman Air for a first look at this ultraluxury machine.

jane leonard
Aston Martin Langoda Sedan is awesome. Love its luxury design and its black metallic is something more commendable. Aston Martin has created the fad with many of us and it s new series can definitely impact the way, providing best competence for other brands.Hire Aston Martin London
Dierk Solas
Stunning Beauty.
It looks like it could be the next Chrysler 300Ross
Laura Rosas Resendez
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Christopher Bennett
One word: LINCOLN!
A beautiful conservative  and sleek sedan specifically designed for a culture that favors shiny, loud and blingy look-at-me things.....who would have thought!
Lynn Scott Paden
Ford Fusionesque
Dominic Paraan
...what about the rapide?
Douglas Tan
This car is elegant as a modal.
Gregory Chetivaux Jaume
Vraiment une honte de salir la marque comme ca... a moins de la vendre avec un losange a la place .....
Dammy Onafowokan
Todd D Schroeder
Is it related to the Chrysler 200?
Gregory Chetivaux Jaume
Umar Farouk Shehu
FYI, that's an Aston Martin.
Gillian Machidi
Looks like the NSX in the front
ÞřįNćę Krissh
Doesn't seems cool :/
Ian Joslyn
Looks like a Hyundai
Sylvain Raymond
it is the best one so far!
Ajay P Karuvally
what the hell
Amol Rathod
Kya sochana hai sir. Hum kya leke aye the, kya leke jayenge.
Scott Cronan
Tarek Batniji
it looks as though you need a secret-agent to drive that car! may I introduce myself as such agent? my real name is 008-Tarek Batniji
Abderahmane Bouchareb
Ugly !
Nafaa Slama
Not the usual ... Sorry for that
Pedro Peñafiel
Naaahh... That's not an Aston.
Greg Mixson
Yossi Katz
You suns of bitches!!! You are terror supporters!!! You are not deserve to drive those cars, your place is behind bars!!! In the dark, in prison!!! Don't worry, Israeli special forces is under way to relieve you from your pains in life.... Basterds!!!
John David Wagner Jr
Ford Fusion + Hybrid MUCH?
Mahmoud Saeed Hammad
Erkan Ciritci
They are the most luckiest people in the world
Rakesh Guleria
wonderfull !
Harley Fait
Take it back please lol
Rahefee Ali Al-imir
Looks very drag effective tho
Mike Lurie
Looks like a Ford...a really good looking Ford....
Trevor Mottram
Miguelalejandro Gutierrezjauregui
Quiero uno
Peter Stelman
Everyone else has adopted AM's grille -- Ford, Hyundai, Audi... At least it's not as weird as the Lagonda from the '70s (or was it 80s?)
Davide Battaglia
The headlights looks like Bmw I8. (just lil' bit)...but, really nice Aston!
M. Maceo Watkins
Looks like an old concept car. Probably just a quick buck for Aston since it's limited to the middle east.
Dan Lovett Weigel
Tracie Sullivan Laney you have to show Dent this car. To bad ass. I'm so happy for you guys and and your new home. DLW
Akhilesh Wadme
design awsm
Devee Bubu Raffi
Nice car !!
Rob Nuttall
Meh... Looks like a Hyundai. The Rapide is much nicer.
Nir Cohen
Very nice car !!! Congratulation to the lucky customer.
Jason Wright
That's a really sweet Hyundai.
Shagul Raj
Christian Daniel
ford mondeo lol
Happy-boy Makhoba

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