295-hp, Luxury-Oriented Subaru WRX S4 Debuts in Japan

The newest generation of the Subaru WRX has already received some criticism for being too soft compared to past models of the car, and this Japanese-market special edition takes this newfound refinement to a new level. The Subaru WRX S4 is a fully loaded version of this rally-inspired compact with a standard CVT, a softened suspension, and all sorts of technology features to further displease WRX traditionalists -- but, hopefully, attract certain buyers in Japan.

To create the WRX S4, Subaru takes the standard WRX sedan and performs some modifications including a retuned suspension, revised power steering mounts, along with extra power for the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine for a total of 296 hp. This is all supposed to make for a much more comfortable WRX, and the S4 is also only available with the Lineartronic continuously variable transmission.

If this all seems heretical for a Subaru WRX, then you’ll really be upset about the Subaru WRX S4’s other comfort-oriented changes like additional piano-black trim inside and the addition of Subaru’s EyeSight active safety technology. Since no Subaru Impreza or WRX models in the U.S. currently offer the EyeSight system, the WRX S4 hints that this tech may be heading to our shores in these models sometime soon.

Although it may cause a riot among Subaru WRX faithful, we can rest assured that the more refined Subaru WRX S4 is unlikely to make it to the U.S.; the WRX S4 goes on sale this week at Subaru dealers in Japan.

John Engelman
Let's keep it in Japan
George Nallathamby
CVT and wrx should never be used together. DSG is only auto a WRX should have.
Jeff Stein
What's wrong of having another WRX option? The CVT is truly atrocious but not all of us want gold wheels, a whale tale and a bad back.
Justin Hilton
Great car for wife... That or the new Japanese only 70 series Toyota Landcruiser
Izwan Shaari
Well I won't mind an automatic Impreza but instead of a CVT, they should use conventional stepped auto. 6 speed the minimum. 7-8 speed dual clutch would be even better.
Joe Hauge
this is not the s4 we are looking for....couldn't resist ;)
Luiz Filipe
Subaru CVT is worse than anyother
Yasin Sindhi
Black is black
By the way did anyone notice the new audio head unit with NAV? I bet this may be the one that will replace the current head unit in the 2016 Forester, XV Crosstrek, WRX and Impreza that has received so much negative press. Looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing the new interior in the 2016. The seats in the Japanese WRX S4 look better also with an extended lower seat cushion. I hope Subaru brings extended luxury seats to the U.S. as well for the Forester.  I'm 5'10" and on a recent test drive, the current Forester bottom seat cushions in the Forester seem especially short and uncomfortable to me. I have heard from the automotive press that the front seats in the Forester are uncomfortable as well as comments from Subaru sales reps that the short seat cushions are a common complaint by customers. I have to agree. The seats are the first thing I notice in the Forester. Sitting on an uncomfortable seat with a short cushion. But with an awesome view of the outside world. I haven't decided yet if the seats are a deal breaker. Hmm. Why can't we have it all?
Ahhh...I think it looks awesome. Nice rims. Why not have a luxury version of the WRX in North America? As a person that likes the current Forester XT 2.0 Turbo that comes only with CVT, this is also up my alley. As a matter of fact, personally I couldn't see myself getting into the 2015 WRX or STI as it is now because they are just a little too boy racer rally car looking for me at 51 years old. This car is fast with 296 hp and looking slightly upscale, dare I say entry sport luxury compact like a Lexus IS or Acura TLX, but with standard symmetrical All Wheel Drive,  this might do better in the U.S. and Canada than they expect, especially with the 30 - 50 year old range rather than the 20-30 year olds. The luxury interior looks great and and I would guess, 0-60 in around 5.0 sec., I bet this thing pulls hard even with the CVT. Sure, it would be nice for them to offer a 6-speed manual option as well as the CVT. Other that that, I don't see why the WRX faithful or Subaru of America would be against this. If they slotted this in at a price point a few thousand below the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 it might do well with the 30-50 year old Subaru fans that want an all weather sedan more sporty than a 6 cylinder Legacy.
bigiron58 .
Please put THAT motor in the Legacy. I'll live with the CVT. 
Rob Eckaus
The CVT is quite fun to drive. I've reviewed it already.
Michael Anderson
Lose the cvt and its probably alright, it actually looks better this way and you get more power to boot
Michael Anderson
Other than the cvt it is still pretty performance oriented, nothing wrong with more choice
Brian Baker
Matt Brittain
Keven Bottenfield
CVT = poison pill
Dammy Onafowokan
I kinda dig it
Pedro Peñafiel
I'm upset already!
James Lightner
Meh. Maybe they think they can cut into Nissan's Altima/Maxima sales?
Rob Eckaus
Very true, but they are no more competitive than others in their class and barely fast enough to use that wing on any track in the country.
Richard Hawkins
Nice, but why the hell a cvt?
Christopher Bennett
Subaru's WRX is supposed to be a PERFORMANCE version of a car, FYI. Also, the "boy-racer" wings are used for downforce and "sub-par" interiors for lowering the weight.
Christopher Bennett
That's what I was thinking.
Doug Pratt
Jose Juan Morales
Could be cool. Ill take a nicer interior
Junaid Qureshi
Worse thing ever " CVT" transmissions.
Lukas Gaedtke
Rob Eckaus
Much needed here instead of boy-racer wings and sub-par interiors.
Chris Prather
Since it's not coming here, I don't give 2 shits
Omar Ocasio
Erica Bonomi
... What is the legacy for...?
Tim Lucas

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