Report: Scion xB and xD Out, Toyota Yaris and Auris Derivatives In

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Toyota’s languishing Scion brand will say goodbye to two of its models next year, the Scion xB and the Scion xD, according to a report from Automotive News. Apparently the boxy Scion xB will give way to a version of the European-market Toyota Auris, while the Scion xD hatchback will be replaced by a version of the next-generation Toyota Yaris subcompact. It’s unclear at this point whether the xB and xD nameplates will carry over for the next generation of small Scions.

The Scion xB, which is currently in its second generation, has not enjoyed strong sales as of late: only 17,849 copies were sold last year, down from a high of 61,306 first-generation models sold way back in 2006. Toyota will thus take this new Scion model in a different direction, doing away with the boxy looks, changing the name, and basing the new car off of the Toyota Auris hatchback that’s sold in Europe.

Look for this new Scion hatchback to go for a slightly sporty image, possibly with a new turbocharged engine from Toyota’s new powertrain lineup that aims for greater efficiency and performance. AN says that this new Scion model will arrive in the spring of 2015, so 2015 will likely be the last model year for the boxy Scion xB.

As for the smaller Scion xD hatchback, the AN report says that this model will be replaced by a version of the next-generation Toyota Yaris subcompact, which itself will be based on the recently revealed Mazda 2. The xD nameplate may go away, and the new model will reportedly be a four-door sedan, as Toyota is reserving the hatchback bodystyle for the Yaris. The new Scion subcompact sedan will be produced at Mazda’s Salamanca, Mexico plant alongside the Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris, and will likely use a Mazda Skyactiv powertrain, possibly the 1.5-liter four-cylinder that’s slated for the U.S.-spec 2016 Mazda 2.

Summer 2015 is the expected date for the debut of the smaller Scion sedan; the aging Scion xD won’t be missed much in Scion showrooms, as it has only sold a paltry 4286 units so far in 2014.

Stay tuned for more Scion news over the next few months as the small brand revamps half of its lineup and does away with the current Scion xB and Scion xD.

So just when the US buying public finally begins flocking to CUVs, Scion abandons them instead of introducing an updated xB.  Awesome.Way to throw in the towel, dudes.
Darrell Judd
I can appreciate that Japanese companies take the long view, and that their target market has been in a depression for 6 years, but, recycling generic  Toyota designs instead of the unique Calty designs is lame beyond belief. As a Scion owner, there is no reason for the Scion brand if the product ends up being plain vanilla with a different badge.
Scion reminds me of the now defunct GM "experiment" called Saturn.  A big splash early on, then let it languish with poorly styled and poorly performing products.  
I don't think there was ever any problem with the Scion brand, in and of itself.  The big problem is the Toyota hasn't given it the attention it needs to be successful.  I actually picked an xB over a Soul this past spring---better engine, better hatch--a bit more masculine.  Okay, I probably would have bought it with a Toyota badge, and yes, I'm 44, so I know I'm not in the target Scion marketing group.  Still, I like the funky products.
Scion & Mitsu are equal failures in the US market, just get rid of Scion.
Why don't they just kill Scion already? Keep the FR-S and rename it "Celica", find a place for the tC (if they think it's worth it), and just be done with their little experiment in being "hip." 
@Darrell Judd Agreed.    Why buy a re-badged Toyota from a dysfunctional Toyota dealership - without the ability to negotiate on price - only to have the BMV and your insurance company call it a Toyota anyway. (I'm not bitter)
  Scion need to be its own brand, with its own superior dealer network, with its own superior cars, or never-mind.

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