Report: Mazda RX-7 Returns for 2017 with 450-hp Turbo Rotary

All the buzz around Mazda is currently centered on the upcoming 2016 MX-5 Miata, but there’s another rumored Mazda sports car project further down the pipeline that could mean the return of the rotary engine. Motoring is reporting that a new Mazda sports car will arrive in 2017 with a turbocharged rotary engine making around 450 hp.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a return of the rotary. Way back in 2011, when the rotary-powered Mazda RX-8 was going out of production, we reported that a next-generation rotary engine could appear by 2017. This corroborates Motoring’s story, who say that this new, small-displacement turbocharged rotary would make its way into a new Mazda sports car that will likely be called the Mazda RX-7. In 2013, we reported that a new RX-8 replacement could arrive by 2017 with direct fuel injection -- so long as Mazda had already bolstered its profits by selling more mainstream cars.

The rumor is that Mazda has registered both the Mazda RX-7 and the RX-9 names to leave options open for the nameplate of this new sports car. 2017 would be good timing for the debut of this car, as the first Mazda rotary engine debuted in the Mazda Cosmo in 1967, making 2017 the 50th anniversary of this unique engine design.

When this project first came about with plans for around 300 hp, Mazda was reportedly considering using a version of the next MX-5 Miata’s platform for this RX-7 revival. But with the possible addition of a turbocharger for the rotary engine, a potential output of more than 400 hp means that those roadster underpinnings wouldn’t cut it. Now Mazda is reportedly testing a reworked RX-8 platform that can better accommodate the high horsepower output. Despite the larger platform, though, Mazda is apparently still aiming for its new rotary-powered model to be a smaller sports car that would have about the same length as the compact MX-5 roadster.

The claimed goal is for this new Mazda RX-7 to compete with the revered Porsche 911, giving us high hopes for this possible Mazda sports car. Stay tuned for more information about the revived Mazda RX-7 over the coming years as we approach its rumored debut in 2017.

Elliott Parnell
Smash the Nismo---What you high on Walter?
Cara Wylie
Luke Corton
Craig A. Boisvert
Mine. 345hp.
Thomas Chew
Shih Serng Siew .what about this?
Ian Eaton
That will be the best day ever!
Edgar Allan Pog
and its now known as the rx9?
Sadiel Punzo
Mauricio Punzo better start saving
Walter Woods
Yes bring it back!!!!! I guarantee it will smash that nismo GT-R.
Dylan Fram
Knocked off C5 vette
Tim Anderson
remember that from fast and the furious Tokyo drift
Tom Champion
I do. Great design just under powered. The example may change that. Should give Alph-Romeo C a run for it's money.
Rick Reny
Keep it a 2 seat low slung rotary coupe with that nimble Mazda attitude- bump up the power to around 300 hp and keep the weight near that of the FD (2800lbs or so). Do that while keeping the price point between 28 and 35k and I'll see you at the dealership.
Rick Reny
Wont believe it til I see it- mazda's been teasing us with concept cars and rumors for almost 20 years now.
Aaron J. Gretzinger
Jordan Gustafson
Matthieu Ledoux
Andy Jones
Daniel Tarutin
Zach Yost
Jon Yost
C.j. McKinney
I like it but I love the RX-8 better
Cutler Hamilton
Huge Rotary fan and I owned an RX7 for several years. But by the time 2017 rolls around Mazda will need to be adding electric motors to this vehicle. Not turbochargers that will just dock points for reliability. If Mazda's gonna build it, they better get off their ass and do it now or else the thing will be irrelevant before it hits the show circuit.
Travis William
I heard they were going to bring back the supra in 2035 is it true?
Dean Minner
Logan R McDonald
Adam Zuniga
Joey Hernandez is that your baby?
Michael Solarien Hantsche
da passt keine Dachbox drauf :
Damian B-ois
Old rumors these cars won't meet CA standards and will have to be hybrid or somehow diesel or something but cool non theless
Timothy Fey
Joseph Tompkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeevan Varun
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww waiting
Alan Benowitz
Rob Benowitz Zach Elliott
Jake Smith
Jake Schrengost ummmm...
Miguel Garcia
Ernie Silvestre
Vinny Aces
Hey tell Mazda to scrap that ! Please ...rotary just doesn't last as long as pistons do. Besides let see more electric car technology out of Japan.
Aamir Saeed
Been waiting for an RX7 for 20 years now. All along the way there was this same story, stopped holding my breath a long time ago and don't believe these fairy takes anymore
Thomas Huth
Why would they call it an RX 7 again? Lol
Andrew Yanni
Patrick Ramy Ghabour
Trenton Wolfers
Mike Ziel
John C. Rock
Never going to happen. This rumor gets floated for page views, that's it.
Gary Morris
Mazda in your SUV you need a more powerfull Motor as and option.
Jon Wolslau
Thats not an rx7 body cmon damnt .. bring back the gsl se those were badass I had one.
Rob Eckaus
450hp in anything under 3500lbs is pretty awesome.
Dennis San Vicente
Rotary, a little pain makes the joy oh sooo much sweeter.
Jonathan Tan
Yes only mazda has a rotor engine
Alex Estrop
OMG is this stupid rumor going around AGAIN?! comeback when someone has evidence.
If they build this, a true rx7, I will buy it. Mazda did great with their family sedan in the 6 and the compact 3, now give us a real sports car that is not a miata!!!
Jimmy Dinh
David George
Kick Ass can't wait for the unveiling of it! + I also like the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution!
JJ Wang
No wayyyy!!!!! :) David Lee
Scott Frey
Can it even be tuned? I would think not. Can't change spark, so probably can't change fuel.
David Lee
JJ Wang
Only real way that I can see a new rotary to get past emissions  is by using a hybrid setup. A hybrid setup would assist in the lack of torque lower in the rpm. 
Jon Young
The Rx7 in the first picture is older than a C5 Covette. 

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