2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Receives Tweaks in Final Year

Mitsubishi confirmed this week that 2015 is the last model year for the Lancer Evolution in the U.S. market. The car, long known as a rally-inspired rival to the Subaru WRX STI, will be discontinued and no immediate successor has been announced. Until then, however, the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution benefits from a handful of trim and equipment changes for its final year on sale.

There are no changes under the hood, where the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution continues to offer a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four engine rated for 291 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. The GSR trim level comes with a five-speed manual transmission, while the MR has a six-speed dual-clutch automatic, lighter wheels, a sportier suspension, and improved brakes; both versions feature all-wheel drive as standard.

On all versions of the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, heated mirrors with built-in turn signals are now standard. In addition, the MR model adds as standard a nine-speaker Rockford-Fosgate sound system, push-button start, automatic wipers and headlights, extra sound insulation, body-colored hood vents, and chrome front grille trim. For the GSR, a newly available Premium package includes all the features of last year's Sight and Sound package -- including HID headlights, a Rockford-Fosgate stereo, and push-button start -- along with leather seats, a sunroof, heated front seats, and extra sound insulation.

Although there's an all-new 2015 Subaru WRX STI, Mitsubishi will no longer offer a rival high-performance sedan after this model year. On the other hand, it's no surprise to see the Evo vanish: all versions of the Mitsubishi Lancer, including the Evo, sold just 8848 units in the first half of this year -- down 18 percent compared to the first six months of 2013.

Pricing for the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has yet to be confirmed, but expect only mild increases over last year's prices of $35,805 (with destination) for the GSR and $39,005 for the MR.

Zish Khan
waittttt am just coming
Jacques René Delange
Never a mitsubishi
Kumplour Kinny Smashing Wunderkind
I'm interested in the hybrid evo that is rumored. I think Mitsubishi is doing right by there fans to offer one more year of the car with an 'ultimate' gsr model. (which is nice). I could see people buying it - if they had released it 4 months earlier i may have even chosen it over the new STI.
Dinesh Lancer-Evo
waaaaaatTTTTT!!!??? huhuuuuuuuuu
Mattso Samsonite
This is the closest thing that Japan has to a Mustang vs Camaro rivalry. Sad to see it bow out.
Pat Saavedra
sad but not unexpected
Rohan Ricardo Reid
I love the evos from the past. The current evo just didnt spark like the last ones. I was hoping to see a more agressive style on the current car, plus more power. 300+hp would have been nice. I think these Japanese automakers are blind to what customers really need. Forget about the luxery and tech gismos. I want performance, extreme performance. The Eclipes could have been here with us in its glory if it had a rear wheel drive system, and wasnt so damn big. Way to go Mitsubishi for killing off a car that manages to embarrass some of the best in the supercar world. Shame.
Karl Thacker
Saw a couple when they first started selling in the states and that was it. Now I see kids running around in the generic Lancers with $20 Ebay fart cans trying to act like they're a race car....
Ahmed Monche
Sad the car really is one of my personal favorites they should bring back the 3000GT
Luis Pargas
Craig Stishenko
When we were looking for a 4 cylinder performance car, the Evo and STI were not even considerations. They have serious things holding back their sales - the biggest being price! Why should I pay close to $50g canadian for a high hp econo car? I can buy a used GTR or Vette for a similar price to a new EVO with options. Their mileage per tank sucks, fit and finish is no better than their base equivalents, and they are not comfortable to drive. Your target audience is kids with big bank loans. The Focus ST would have been a serious consideration if they offered a dual clutch box.....
Sérgio Soares
e umas das mais tristes noticias da industria automobilísticas.não façam isso
Pedro Peñafiel
THESE are bad news... Please Subaru, don't make the same mistake. Please!
Mark Wentlandt
Ludicrously fun car. Its brutal quickness leaves a permanent smile on your head.
Robert May
The evo X is 3 years past its shelf life anyways. There should have been an XI to succeed it years ago. Mitsubishi is in the dumps, so I wouldn't be surprised if they get killed off.
Biju Varughese
huge marketing mistake to make a GTR killer and stop production of this car
Kevin Cani
Stefan Takacs
I'm a Subaru guy and I'm sad to see it go. Needs a big refresher. Redesign it and up the power and it'll sell. Sad news.
Danny Baker
Bring back Eclipse and make it hot and fast !!!
Logan Fayman
Yea I knew they did still make other cars, but the fact that I can't think of any off the top of my head says a lot.
Boogie Chisel'd Back Boogs
Put it to rest. No power up top. Quick take off thats it. To many cars are almost matched with a evo thay shouldnt be, a ford focus st with 270 bhp and an evo with 290 lol. Nobody wnts wants these but die hard fans
Charlie Doll
Ryosuke Takahashi
Bring back the FTO and GTO
Trevor Rogers
Why :'(
Tanner Staten
The outlander and some little car. I can't think of it's name. Other than that, no. They're probably going to go out of business.
Logan Fayman
Does Mitsubishi make any other cars? I can't think of any....
Arch Reventon
EVO has been a hot rod on the road.... It's a sad news to see the end of it
Chris Prather
Sad. but no one is buying them new because nothing has changed in 7 years.. Needed a six speed manual and updated power. And new looks would have helped too..the camaro returned maybe so will the EVO...
Milad Fathi
It's sad to see another classic go

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