Bentley SUV Spied Testing

Although we’ve already seen a teaser shot and video of the upcoming super-luxury Bentley SUV, spy photographers were able to acquire our first look at a prototype test car. From the looks of it, we can all let out a sigh of relief — it looks overwhelmingly better than the Bentley EXP 9 F concept first shown at the 2012 Geneva auto show.

Compared to the exaggerated EXP 9 F concept, this Bentley SUV looks like a more cohesive and finished production car. The horizontally arranged headlights lead into the large center grille, helping to accentuate the car’s width, whereas the concept version’s vertically stacked arrangement made it look substantially taller and more truck-like. Another major change can be seen in the wheels — sporty five-spoke units that are much more subtle than the chrome multi-spoke wheels we saw in Geneva. Around the rear, the larger and squarer taillights wrap around the rear hatch, while the dual exhaust tips retain their clean oval shape.

In general though, the overall shape over the forthcoming Bentley SUV is the same. While some of the more boxy body panels on the prototype are likely there to hide the true styling underneath, we can still see Bentley’s trademark matrix grille; a sculpted character line running from the rear doors to the trunk where it meets the D-pillar; and the large, sharply raked rear window with roof-mounted spoiler.

We have every reason to believe that the new Bentley SUV’s interior will exude every bit of quality and craftsmanship we’ve enjoyed in other Bentley models, but our spy shots provide only limited views of the cabin. It’s easy to make out the all-digital instrument cluster, which is lined in chrome to match the center stack and air vents.

Current power projections put the Bentley SUV in the same territory as the Bentley Flying Spur, as the SUV is slated to use the same W-12 engine that makes 616 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque in that application. Another engine possibility is the Flying Spur and Continental GT’s new twin-turbo V-8, which makes 500 hp and 488 lb-ft of torque. Down the line, the Bentley SUV could get a diesel engine shared with Porsche Cayenne Diesel S, while a plug-in hybrid is planned for 2017.

Starting at around $200,000, the super-luxury Bentley SUV is expected to arrive in showrooms by 2016.

Marc Hamady
This Bentley SUV is going to be the most luxurious SUV on the planet, at least until Rolls Royce is crazy enough to have an SUV in their lineup.
Willian Dagua
This os the next car fir the revolution
George Nallathamby
Benz Aravindan
Y like this
Aaron Fremuth
The SUV is an inherently non-luxurious vehicle; you can only put so much makeup/jewelry on a pig. How are they going to sell this at the typical Bentley price point? I suppose people will buy because of the name, but then that's just doing harm to their brand.
James Butler
Looks like a Porsche Cayanne!
Sen Akshay
Looking not good.
Nick Sundberg
Kinda looks like a Jeep Compass
Umair Khalid
Rear lights feel like old Impreza
Kyree S. Williams
When a Range Rover just isn't good enough...
Kyree S. Williams
Well, it's going to share a platform with those two vehicles, so there'll be some resemblance...especially around the A-pillar. But from what I've seen, the Bentley will have its own design language.
Brian Sweet
Hey Bentley... the fins are suppose to go on the rear
Matthew Paulson Why does every car company think they have to have a SUV? Next Bently will roll out with a $200,000 minivan.
Luca DevilMan
Hell no!
Alexianu Cristinel
the low design
Vincent Jucker
Seems like porsche cayenne or touareg...not original
Bryan Wright
John Ceragioli
Too many of these things on the road now, please Bentley, but No.
Joe Lussier
Celso Campana
Frente Bentley, trasera Range Rover
Vince Anello
Brian Waldvogel
Gosh, I hope it is not that horrible disaster from a couple years ago! It does look different in a good way.
Scott Goldwater
Enus Huntley S
Patrick Haggerty
I like it kinda
Andy Enright
You people just aren't Chinese enough.
Caren Joy Wernet
Range Rover rip-off.
Randall Owen
Sorry we don't need another SUV on the road
Jeremy Epstein what?
Jeremy Epstein
In spy form it looks like a Pontiac Aztek.
Chris Lrsn
Another oversized, overpriced, dinosaur-burning monstrosity that we just don't need on the roads.
Jim Macafee
All of the Meh. All of it. Buy the VW flavor and save 150k
George Whiteside
I hope the production version is going to look much better. I understand the camo to keep it secret. But it looks like someone glued a hood and front fascia from a wrecked Bentley to the front of a wrecked Range Rover.
Johnny Em
Run out of ideas, Volkswagen?
Morten Mark Ramsing
What do I think? ....I think this should be destroyed!
Anthony Morroney
Kinda reminds u of a Dodge Caliber, don't ya think?
Tom Day
I wish they'd stuck with the concept, I think it would have grown on people, at least it was original
Kenny Richmond
Nope...not feelin it
Carlo Improta
Kenny Richmond
Steven Matthew Myers
Richard J. Auchus
You can't even bloody see it it's still in camo!
Kevin Burns
And I thought the Panamera and FF were butt ugly!
Art Palm
Fahrvergnügen + Bentley = Fugley!
Frank Acropolis
surprised it's taken this long
Rod Bellak
Alexander Grazioli
Looks like a Grand Cherokee design that didn't make the cut...
Chris Prather
Marios Vasiliou
Ugliest car on earth. That's it.

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