2015 Range Rover Sport R-S Teased On Nurburgring

When we first drove the 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport, we were impressed with how effectively the British automaker was able to cut weight and add performance capability to its sportiest SUV. If Land Rover’s latest teaser video is indeed a preview of the rumored 2015 Range Rover Sport R-S model, we’re in for an even more exciting model -- with a 40-hp jump pushing output to a startling 550 hp.

The teaser video, now up on Land Rover USA’s YouTube page, shows the camouflaged 2015 Range Rover Sport R-S zooming by on Germany’s famed Nürburgring track. As the high-powered crossover tears across the pavement, you can hear what sounds like a burbling V-8 and the faint whine of a supercharger. "We've always had a breadth of capability on and off road," intones the narrator. "But now we've added more performance to the mix. A lot more."

We saw spy shots of the 2015 Range Rover Sport R-S in September 2013, at which point we also learned that the standard Range Rover Sport’s 510-hp supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 would get jacked up to 550 hp for the R-S model. The prototype 2015 Range Rover Sport R-S seemed to corroborate this claim, given its louvered hood that would presumably help vent heat from the coursing V-8. European bureau chief Georg Kacher confirmed those suspicions when he reported back in December 2013 that we would eventually see a 2015 Range Rover Sport R-S in limited numbers.

Seeing that Land Rover USA itself published the teaser, we’ll take that as a confirmation that the 2015 Range Rover Sport R-S is indeed bound for U.S. showrooms. Expect a starting price substantially above the $79,995 entry price of the V-8-powered 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport. Land Rover says it will reveal more details about the new car on Wednesday, June 25.

Let's get real, no one should be hoping for a 550hp SUV.  That is a ridiculous concept.  suvs are dangerous enough on the road, with their large mass and tendency to crowd smaller vehicles.  No one needs one of these barreling down on us. This is pure ego driven excess.    

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