2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Makes 707 HP

It turns out that Dodge was severely underestimating when it announced that the supercharged 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat would make “600-plus hp.” The actual number is an insane 707 hp, which blows away the 650-hp 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 to become the most powerful American car on the market. It's also the most powerful car on sale in the U.S. available with a manual transmission.

When it announced the new Z06’s power figure, Chevrolet bragged that only a select few supercars made more power than the track-focused Corvette. That list is even shorter for the Challenger Hellcat, though, as only four cars in production today have more horsepower than this tire-shredding muscle car. Only the 963-hp Ferrari LaFerrari, the 890-hp McLaren P1, the 887-hp Porsche 918 Spyder, and the 730-hp Ferrari F12 Berlinetta can top the Challenger Hellcat, as the Dodge handily beats all Lamborghini models, all Porsche models, and its SRT brethren, the 640-hp, V-10-powered Viper.

The supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V-8 in the Hellcat also makes a heady 650 lb-ft of torque, all of which is routed to the rear wheels through either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission. Even beyond the struggle to put all of this power to the road without incinerating the rear tires, accessing the total horsepower potential of the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is more complicated than you might think. Each Hellcat coupe will come standard with two key fobs: a black fob that limits the engine to a more reasonable 500 hp, and a red fob that unleashes the full power of the monstrous supercharged V-8. Only give the latter to your most trusted friends.

We don’t yet know how much the 707-hp 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will cost, but we would expect a starting price around $55,000. That’s a screaming deal for a car that produces nearly double the horsepower of the Challenger R/T’s already raucous 5.7-liter Hemi V-8.

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, along with its more mainstream 2015 Dodge Challenger stablemates, will go on sale in the third quarter of 2014. Until then, we’ll all try to wrap our head around the insanity of a 707-hp musclecar.

David Warthen
Hennessey already lists specs for their Mustang at 710hp on the 5.0L with a Ford Racing supercharger and exhaust and fuel pump upgrades. That's not a 5.2L or 5.4L that'll likely end up in a GT350 or GT500. Sorry, but the Challenger Hellcat is just not that impressive. It weighs too much, it's too slow in the 1/4 for that much power, barely beats out a 2013 GT500 in the 1/4 mile (with an automatic and street legal tires). A 10 second factory car is cool, but let's stop pretending the Challenger Hellcat is the first one.
Ron Auvil
This is some good old American iron. Muscle cars are supposed to be loud fast and just total beasts. 707hp sounds like fun to me. This wasn't made to be auto crossed. If you want a track toy go by an old NSX or BRZ.A race car this ain't.
James Hardin
lol. Many comments are negative. WTF?
Danny Baker
Barracuda is coming and it's supposed to be a lot leaner!
Brown Hornet
it should Rob Eckaus,,but so should the 662HP mustang GT500 with 630lbs torq and it does not...And the GT500 weights a lot less (11.66@125) Power to weight ratio...may be about the same as the GT500..since it weights over 4200Lbs..i don't know the ratio spread of the 8speed or the rear gears but the SRT Hellcat rides on 245/45-20s..i say that's not wide enough for a solid take off..Goodyear and Pirelli tires as an option...Do the math 12.2s to 12.5s with 440HP in the Boss 302...or 12.7s with 426HP with the 1LE Camaro and u get a great track car that beats the M-BMWs and porsche caymens and 392SRT8s and many others at the VIR race track Rob Eckaus....11.90s to 12.2s in the ZL1 Camaro...and is even faster than the 1LE on the track...drag or track and comes with a cast-iron 9.9inch rear end..The new Dodge Kittycat with 245s is not seeing low 11s unless there slicks...maybe if ur lucky u may see 11.50s..it should be faster..but skinny tires and being fat wont help...having more ponies makes things harder when u have skinny tires..
Ryan Carter
If you have 700+ hp and run a 10.9. The car sucks
David Mercer
Oh yeah, seats 5 and will be less than 70k. Please stop with the ridiculous buts.....
David Mercer
I'm going to enjoy the meltdowns of the Mustang guys. Chevy guys will point to the Vette but not a relevant argument. These cars are going to surprise people at the road couses too. I've ridden shotgun in a 2013 SRT with a SRT Experience instructor behind the wheel at Spring Mnt Raceway last fall. A new M3 and Boss 302 were the only things with faster lap times at the time. And it was like .6-.8 seconds.
Rob Eckaus
HATERS: As soon as one runs a 10.99 or better you are irrelevant and all arguments invalid. Period.
Rob Eckaus
Can't have it both ways huh? These buyers will.
Rob Eckaus
It's NOT a track car anymore than an S class. Do the math, 12.5s with 475hp. You think 232hp more won't hit low 11s?
Rafael Pagán Medina
Horsepower isn't everything...
Luca Carboni
Till only few years ago, Italians paid a lot of taxes to mantain FIAT and Agnelli family. Than, they bought a semidied company using money from USA taxpayers, hoping to do the same thing made in Italy for more than a century. How can you imagine FCA building good cars ??? I think Daimler sold Chrysler having good reason
Brown Hornet
Yes people 707HP nice and i'm happy to see Dodge try hard..bout time..But the last SRT8/392 lost to the cheaper 1LE Camaro by 9+seconds per lap at the VIR track..The Z/28 has been taking down big names too (911 Turbo.S and the GT-R and Aston Martin vantage)..so i wounder about the spring/shock set up on this car and how wide the tires are and wounder how well those huge steel brakes are set up..Dodge has been known for poor set ups before..understeer and brake fade..Or is this a car that just has 4 seats and a trunk for bodies and 707hp, but can't get away from 662Hp GT500s, even if they don't make them any more u will still see them..And on the track u will have to fear the ZL1 or Z/28 with Carbon brakes and spool-valve shocks...4200+lbs is heavy and 707HP should be 10s but will be lucky if it gets past 11.50 with trap speeds below 130mph..traps should be well over 130...so 2013-14 ZR1s(128-132mph) need not worry...but i'm glad to see them putting up a fight...707 great..now just need a better lighter frame...
Rob Eckaus
Low 11s awful for under $75k and practical seats and trunk? Tell us more. Robert May, you mean like a C5Z? Low 12s and high teens? Sorry, this is low 11s and mid-upper 120s. Think C6Z.
Rob Eckaus
That made no sense. Please explain.
Rob Eckaus
That makes no sense. The SRTs are great, reliable cars.
Rob Eckaus
List 20 that have decent rear seats and cost under $75k please. No really, go ahead. How about under $100k, does that help?
Brown Hornet
u just said u like Hondas...cept the drag strip...performance first..no more pretending, that was the mid 70s and 80s..
Cam Burd
Blah blah blah.  It's a muscle car, it's heavy, it's stylish, and it's got more power than most people will know what to do with.  THAT'S THE POINT.  It's a straight line power house, not a delicate little corner lily. 
Ahmed Monche
Horsepower do sent matter if the car is heavy
I need one of these so bad it hurts. Black paint, black wheels, black tint, all black everything.
How much for just the engine?  Put that beast in a early 1970's restomod Challenger and now we're talking cool kickazz car
This car will make Carroll Shelby roll over in his grave.  Can Ford squeeze 708 HP out of the Coyote V8?
The most powerful car in the world that can seat 5 comfortably.
Joseph Evelo
Awesome... Yes but honestly there is more to racing then a straight line
Kein Ersatz
Do we have a timed run at the ring? Can this thing actually turn a corner??
Bill Bortz
How fast can UGLY go?
Muhammad Ahmed
GTR will vomit on 911 and this car
Car is amazing. Great job, Chrysler. Glad they added bigger brakes. People underestimate these cars on a track. Altough they are not dedicated track cars, they certainly post respectable figures every time.
Nitesh Vasani
Michael Anderson
Dont care
José Luis Vargas Aceves
And the price?
Ankit Soni
M-fo Obot
The way of life
Paolo Mendioro
707hp don't lie.
Liam Tompkins
Awesome car, go dodge!
Matthew Melendez
I agree, ive raced the srt8 and I must say its pretty bad in the corners. Lots of body roll and only way to avoid understeer is to drive w the rear wheels. And even then tires are worn out and brakes are gone by third lap. Its to heavy and needs an all new suspension set up plus new tires and hella better brakes because cars from the 80s have better brakes!
Richard Sheets
There are a lot more than 4.
Geez! I'd be changing the tires more often than the oil.  
Chris Stasik
Did you see this Brandon Podruchney? Absolutely absurd. Read it!
Christopher Bear Powers
It's kind of funny hear these ridiculous horsepower/torque numbers coming from around the globe. I had the misfortune of being a car crazy teen after the original musclecar era had ended. But, the first signs of life were just reemerging with Mustang GT in 1982 and the newly redesigned Camaro and Firebird. Sitting in the school library pouring over wonders like Porsche Turbo and Ferrari F40 were AMAZING!!! I couldn't get enough of the Porsche 959 in car mags. But alas there was still talk of no more V8s or performance cars. Heck the upcoming Ford Probe was originally going to be the Mustang (I shudder still at the thought.) Now half way into 2014 we have cars from all over that are putting up numbers and performance stats that would destroy most race cars of the recent past...with a warranty and decent mileage too. Oh to be young again.
Christopher Bear Powers
To all you geniuses that are listing Veyrons, F12, 918 as if you have them pied up in your garage 707 horsepower is astounding no matter what. So let's see if you are daft enough to plunk down $800,000+ for a car (which none of you could probably afford) I'll take $70,000 loaded 700HP Challenger and maybe a Z06 Corvette oh yeah a beach house and maybe a boat too. For Chrysler to up the ante is exciting. We have Camaros and Mustangs that can be track stars. Corvettes and Vipers that are supercars and you all are turning your noses up like a plebian American car would spoil your collection...yeah right next to your shriveled testicle Prius your wife made you buy
Get a viper, corvette or something else actually designed for the track? lol 
Comparing a 100k car to a 60k car is always reasonable. Look up the dragpak challenger then we'll talk. And I swear if you say anything about track capabilities of the challenger you really are oblivious.
Why did you read/comment? Wouldn't you of just clicked back? lol
mentioned in the article
lol I don't think you have tracked this car. Especially an srt8
John Shea
@Christopher Bear Powers But you don't have to be young(er) to enjoy them. And your insurance is cheaper now.

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