Toyota Moving North American Headquarters to Plano, Texas


Toyota announced today that it will establish new headquarters in Plano, Texas for its North American operations over the next three years, with the move to be completed by 2017. This new headquarters will unify Toyota’s current model of three separate headquarters for its North American manufacturing, sales and marketing, and corporate operations, which are located in Erlanger, KY; Torrance, CA; and New York City, NY respectively.

Just as when Nissan moved from California to Tennessee in 2006, reasoning behind this move is largely financial, as Toyota is sure to pay fewer taxes in Texas compared with California. Automotive News reports Toyota chose the location in part due to, "Zero state income tax, lower housing costs, and a relatively strong quality-of-life index." This move also means that Toyota’s headquarters will be closer to some of its southern production facilities in San Antonio, TX; Blue Springs, MS; and Huntsville, AL.

“With our major North American business affiliates and leaders together in one location for the first time, we will be better equipped to speed decision making, share best practices, and leverage the combined strength of our employees,” said Toyota North America chief Jim Lentz in a statement.

Groundbreaking for the new Toyota headquarters in Plano will take place this fall, with construction of this brand-new, environmentally-sustainable building estimated to take two years or more. Small groups of employees will start moving this summer to a temporary facility in Plano, with the majority of other workers to move when the building is completed in late 2016 or early 2017. The move will affect 4000 employees total, with 2000 of those coming from Toyota Motor Sales USA in Torrance, 1000 coming from Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America in Kentucky, and a smaller group coming from Toyota Motor North America in New York. The last group to move, in 2017, will be 1000 employees from Toyota Financial Services in Torrance.

In order to smooth out the transition, Toyota will be making a $10 million dollar philanthropic commitment to the communities in California and Kentucky which will continue to fund non-profits and local community organizations for a five-year period starting in 2017. Automotive News reports that Toyota will offer relocation packages for impacted employees, but expects "some headcount attrition" from employees who don't want to move.

Along with the big move to Texas, Toyota will also expand the Toyota Technical Center near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Some employees from Toyota’s Kentucky operations will move to the Michigan facility to occupy a new building on the Technical Center campus, which will be accompanied by increased investment in engineering and product development at this location.
Not consider Texas for various political/social reasons?  I should say that is why they are RUNNING from California and all of your LIBERAL policies and socialistic values!  It is no wonder most cities/counties and state agencies are running in the red and/or filing bankruptcies.  It is unsustainable and any hard working person that has half a brain will realize the cost of living and opportunities is Texas are far better than CA and all of the other liberal states that tax the hell out of you only to give free Obamaphones, Food stamps and other unreasonable "social benefits" to the lazy, illegal and liars!  
The most poverty stricken minority in USA is the most highly subsidized!  Handouts DON'T work.  All they are doing is buying a vote from a non-contributor and ruining our once great country!
Thank you Rick Perry and Texas for not falling into that game!  Adios California...!  Good riddance!
I lived in Torrance for over 52 years. Nissan departed, now Toyota and who is not to say next about Honda. Texas, the "corporate raiders". I give them a lot of credit (and other states as well), they find ways of bringing good jobs to their state. Is not just about "tax' structure either, cost of living and quality of life plays it's hand in this. Many will not consider Texas for various politically and social reasons, but Ca. has/is loosing a large job/tax base and it needs to address this soon. This has happened to our "golden" state for many years now, and the our "forward looking state" is financially hemorrhaging. We can "high cost" our way into financial oblivion. I could go on, but Sacramento/representatives are not focused on jobs, just social issues and their voter narrow issue base. Good luck with that.
Leaving Kalifornia (I live in Kalifornia) great news Toyota!

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