Lincoln MKX Concept Bows in Beijing

BEIJING, CHINA – Lincoln is marking the launch of its sales effort in China with the unveiling of a concept it says is “a strong indicator of the next MKX.” The two-row MKX crossover, which premiered in the 2007 model year, is due for a full update for the 2016 model year. It will move to Ford Motor Company’s CD4 mid-size platform that eventually will underpin most front-wheel-drive-based Fords and Lincolns larger than a compact.

Painted “crystal gold,” the MKX concept is an interesting choice for Lincoln’s Chinese coming-out party. Lincoln is targeting Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz as competitors in the world’s largest single automotive market, and so a large sedan like the MKS would seem to be a natural fit for the Chinese market. However, Lincoln has no plans to sell the MKS -- whose next update is expected to be a facelift rather than an all-new model -- in China. (All Lincoln’s cars and SUVs sold in China will be imported from North America.)

Meanwhile, luxury and premium crossovers have been gaining traction in China over the past few years. The Lincoln MKX concept “has a much more emotionalized design language” than the current production model and is like “a big brother to the MKC,” the new compact premium crossover to which the brand has pinned much hope, says Lincoln design director David Woodhouse.

The new design retains the “split-wing” grille that recalls the 1941 Lincoln Continental, although it replaces the current MKX’s vertical grille slats with horizontal slats, with thin LED headlamps and sequential front LED turn signals beneath them. There are full-width LED taillamps and “dynamic side undercuts” on the sculpted, coke-bottle bodysides. The concept has a prominent lower body and a low, sleek, daylight opening, which exterior design manager Andrea di Buduo describes as having “the flair of a classic gran turismo.”

The roof rails are integrated, and the moonroof graphic has a unique design that covers about the first three-quarters of the crossover’s top, which tapers to sheetmetal near the back. The spoiler “floats” above this, and has an integrated center-high-mounted stoplight and integrated antenna. The concept has indentations in the glass moonroof that are unlikely to make it to production.

“It’s exaggerated a bit” as a concept, di Buduo says. There are no visible door handles, either, and in fact the Beijing concept has neither a drivetrain nor an interior. We’d expect the new Lincoln MKX to be offered with the 3.7-liter V-6 and possibly both the 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder and the 2.0-liter four/hybrid, like the MKZ, when it launches by early next year.

Guillermo Nuñez Maldonado
NE Guy
Sharp, I love it.
Lincoln needs to compare to the luxury competition and use them as the baseline to improve on. Thus far, Lincoln used their own Ford stable as the baseline and did some dressing up to market it a bit more upscale. They just need their own identity and start making dependable luxury cars which they are well capable of doing.
James Jason Garvin
Doesn't need a freaking scoop.....
James Jason Garvin
Looks nice.
Christian Houdart
Benjamin Dekker
Darryl Polzot
Front ok, no Lincoln DNA. Sides need deeper sculpting. Rear awful. NO LINCOLN DNA. Looks too much line the MKC.
James Hall
Just like that? They would have a winner:-D amg gla 45 is they one to beat
Pankaj Waman
the frount especially d grill .... spoil d whole look....!!
Danny Baker
Needs a Hood Scoop and bigger headlights. Paint it Red or Yellow and give it 5 spoke Vossen Wheels and a loud exhaust. It looks Sleepy.
Everett Fox
still an ugly nose
Marc Hamady
Better than Lexus RX and NX
Oscar Flores
Stephen Abbott
2015 Lincoln Edge?
Manuel Solo Rolo Mendoza
Chip Gorra No it fkn doesnt.... Wow,its even bigger.. go do sumthn productive,like help gm fix thr broke ass system
Richard Seke
Copy of Range-Rover
Justin Taylor
Watch out Lexus
Chip Gorra
Looks like a Lincoln Escape: what did you expect?
Whitney Maryann Gibson
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Rajan Dorairajan
now thats called integrating the lines
Kenneth Herbert
The problem with Lincoln is it's just a gussied-up Ford. It's not technically better in the way that an Audi is better than its low-rent sibling VW, or an Acura is better than its low-rent sibling Honda (and that's even a poor example, because their gap is rather small, but it's still more noticeable than Lincoln v Ford), Lincoln just gets dressed up a bit more than itslow-rent sibling Ford. That was the same problem with Mercury (RIP). Let's hope Lincoln doesn't follow in its footsteps. 
This car holds promise for Lincoln and I have to say,  It looks pretty good! More than just an Edge with a nice suit. I want Lincoln to succeed but they need to come to market with more than just this to keep them afloat.  How's about something with a naturally aspirated high power V6 or even the Mustang V8?  If you want to compete with the the locals (Cadillac), produce something that competes.  
Rudy Garneau
They should have the 2.3 and the 3.5 ecoboost engines and a sport version

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