GM Recalls 7 Models for Power Steering Loss

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The Problem: In 2004-2006, 2008, and 2009 Chevrolet Malibu; 2004-2006 Malibu Maxx, non-turbo 2009-2010 HHR; 2010 Cobalt; 2009-2009 Saturn Aura; 2004-2007 Ion; and 2005-2006, 2008-2009 Pontiac G6 models, the electric power steering could suddenly fail at any time. Non-assisted steering would still work, but at low speeds in particular would require much more driver effort and increase the risk of a crash.

The Fix: GM will first notify owners of the recall, and then later mail instructions for repair once parts are available. Depending on the model and malfunctioning parts, dealers will replace the power steering motor, the steering column, the power steering motor control unit, or some combination of the aforementioned parts. Some vehicles affected were previously recalled for the same issue. Models not included in the recall—2006-2009 non-turbo Chevrolet HHR and 2003 Saturn Ion—will also receive lifetime warrantees for electronic power steering motor replacement parts. Some of these vehicles also fall into GM's wide-ranging ignition switch recall.

Number of Vehicles Potentially Affected: Over 1.3 million vehicles will be included in this latest recall.

The Context: Just three months into 2013, GM has instituted 13 safety recalls, and a total of 6,991,122 vehicles were recalled worldwide. In the past five full years (2009-2013) combined, GM has recalled nine million vehicles. The highest number of recalls came in 2011, when 23 issues prompted the recall of 840,821 vehicles. The year 2010 witnessed the most vehicles recalled, with four million vehicles potentially affected by a total of 21 cases.

Mary Emerson
I have a 2004 Buick Lesabre That I had to have jumped , towed in ,  and got two new batteries, because it would not start and all kinds of lights would  come on , Trunk lid open, and different things like that. It was so frustration I am 83 years old and my car wouldn't start.. After 2 years and numerous towing charges, starting charges paying the dealer to  diagnose it and inconvenience I noticed that the key would come out of the ignition at two different places,( one would leave the battery on , and then it would run down and  wouldn't start)  I left it over to the Buick garage for 3 days and they said they could not find the problem , I ask them if they checked the ignition key that I had told them about the key coming out two different places, and they finally said that they had found the problem it was the  ignition lock cylinder (part # 1578 3576). The part was around  $90.00  + about the same for labor Close to $200.00 . I Want to know if the new part with the same number is defective. I never had anything heavy on my key ring just the key and the keyless entry.  Is this more vehicle that general motors are trying to hide,  I don't know who to contact, if someone knows pleas let me know
I never thought I'd say this - because I've been a Car Guy for over 50 years - but after this latest GM Scandal - I say "Put them OUT of Business" - and put all their accountable Managers IN JAIL - Barra says "she's sorry" - about what the LIVES that GM took trying to cover up defects?? They'll try the "Croup-think/Decision excuse" where no Management can be singled out - and try to "pay" off a BIG Fine (with more Taxpayer $$) - I say END it for them all!!

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