BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Shown in Beijing

BMW showed a new concept car at the Beijing auto show this weekend called the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept that previews what a new, range-topping BMW sedan above the 7 Series could look like. The company’s choice to unveil this car in China makes sense, given China’s rapidly growing luxury market that looks to be an important opportunity for BMW’s growth going forward.

BMW says that the Vision Future Luxury concept is part of a “long-term outlook” on examining what luxury means for the BMW brand. As such, much of the focus here is on the interior. The concept’s clamshell doors open to a cockpit that is modern, luxurious, spacious, and packed with technology. The dashboard is nearly completely button-free, and the instrument panel is made up of three integrated displays that center around the driver. A head-up display is also featured prominently and can display driver assistance functions like highlighting traffic hazards or road signs to help direct the driver’s attention to various aspects of the surrounding environment.

In the rear seat, the Vision Future Luxury concept features two contoured seats that are meant to give each backseat passenger a private space with a retractable table and an infotainment screen. As many ultra-luxury owners would presumably spend the majority of their time back here while someone else takes care of the driving, BMW didn’t skimp on luxurious materials with its use of deep-pile silk carpeting, layered wood, and special aniline leather to create an upscale environment in back.

The exterior of the Vision Future Luxury concept is less extravagant, with clean lines and typical BMW sedan proportions that look nearly production-ready. A few high-tech concept features do remain, though, particularly in regards to the car’s lighting elements. Up front, the BMW kidney grille is flanked by thin, modern headlights that use laser technology for ten times the light intensity of an LED headlight. The rear taillights also use advanced lighting technology with their organic LED lights that make for more uniform illumination.

The BMW Vision Future Luxury concept is built on a lightweight platform that makes extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum in the structure. This allows for thinner pillars, which makes it easier to have the coach doors featured on this concept and also presumably makes for better visibility thanks to the car’s airy greenhouse with lots of glass area.

This concept vehicle may preview a new BMW to fit in above the 7 Series sedan that’s currently at the top of the company’s lineup. We’ve previously reported that this model may be called the BMW 9 Series and ride on a new lightweight platform to be shared with future Rolls-Royce models.

Stay tuned for more news to come about a possible BMW flagship ultra-luxury sedan that could look at lot like this concept.

Christian Schmidt
The suicide doors are cool but BMW needs to work on getting the Mpower cars more competitive so that it will again beat for example the POS vette.
Kasem Elwaer
Seraj Wheda تغشش فيا راك
Seraj Wheda
Kasem Elwaer
Cristian Stanoiu
Asta da Bavareza!!!
Tabrez MK
Awesome.. Doors copy of rolls royce..
Rík Seddon
Karim Habib has a lot to answer for. The thing doesn't look finished. Perhaps BMW should hand over full time to Pininfarina...
Jonathan Ng
What's the point of this ? BMW already has Rolls Royce
Harsid Rabari
Nice car
Darren Songfreid
Marrion Bell
You have to love the BMW
Little Vicky
Lee Klein
I wouldn't buy one. That hockey stick in front of the door looks stupid.
Jake Garner
Suicide doors on both ends :)
Marc Hamady
If I wanted an ultra luxury car, I would opt for either a Bentley or a Rolls Royce.
Fonzo Ro Ma
Plus, obviously nobody reads these posts for content. Only another number….you are losing touch guys and girls
Fonzo Ro Ma
Same old design….nothing changed since the 1930's …Side mirrors still don't retract….doors open out instead of sliding backward and forward….getting boring
John Kurtz
It's awesome.
Badr El Ansari
Boooooof design de ouuuf
Amazigh Amazigh
Nice car
James Hall
Nice but gonna be to much
Leoghann MacAlister
Looks like it was in one of those Liberty Mutual "humans" commercials.
Samuel Salazar Suarez
Rahefee Ali Al-imir
Killing them..
புன்னகை பூவே
இனிய காலை வணக்கம் அன்பு #நண்பர்களே இனிய நாளாக மலர வாழ்த்துக்கள் Good morning lovely #friends have a nice day
Dhruv Saxena
Bentley Bitches!! :D

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