2015 Ford Mustang Design Analysis

Jim Fets

Ford Design did the right thing: keeping some classic identity markers from the first Mustang but not reiterating every detail cue, as several previous versions did. Not as linear as the original, this one’s notably less puffy -- “fat” might be a better descriptor -- than the current car. Carefully sculpted, it’s much better looking in reality than in photos. We think you’ll really like it when you see it on the street, whatever your prior favorite variant. Unmistakably Mustang, this new model is clean, and it’s almost infinitely superior mechanically -- a proud, worthy swan song for Ford design chief J Mays.

Front View

1. This defining cross-section cutline is flatter than on recent Mustangs but doesn’t ape the original linear character.

2. Center section of the roof is dropped slightly from the nominal surface.

3. The rippling grille texture is elegant and enhances the sense of motion for the galloping pony badge in the center.

4. Flanked by three small lamps that pick up the taillight theme, the whole headlamp cluster works well aesthetically and aerodynamically.

5. Small single round headlight really suits the shape . . . and the Mustang’s heritage.

6. Nicely round wheel openings are simple and declarative. They accommodate multiple wheel sizes well, so base models still look fine.

7. Black undertray extension keeps the sill perimeter straight in plan view, adds a racer-like touch.

Rear View

1. Built-in spoiler lip defines rear plane, with negative band around taillight area. Nice sculpture on entire rear end.

2. This may or may not actually work as a downforce device, but it surely looks the part of a race car’s rear diffuser.

3. Recapitulating the three-part original Mustang taillights is a clever 3-D execution, skewed and angled. Very nice workout.

4. This blip looks slightly stupid in photos, but in reality it does a good job of carrying the longitudinal character line in the door.

5. Roofline peaks over front passengers’ heads, with extra height here giving adequate headroom for long-torso people in the rear seats. We tried it. It does.

David Topchiev
There's a quote in the old Testament. It says that God will not give mankind everything. Meaning, even the most deserving person will lack something. For example He may have all the wealth, but lose a child or get divorced. ....ect. I guess it applied to Cars as well. Notice how there is no perfect car out there. The Mustang had looks and was the Bang for your buck. But had a 100 year old suspension. Now it's as sophisticated as ur modern car. But it's a ridiculous 50 grand and looks like a joke."God thou shall not let Man make a perfect Mustang."
eric in oregon
4. This blip looks slightly stupid in photos, but in reality it does a good job of carrying the longitudinal character line in the door.
In reality it looks like crap, how did it survive? The rest of the car looks good.
Considering how easily Ford could have screwed this up, I think we should be very pleased that we didn't end up with a Fusion Coupe. There is a pleasant balance of enough old and new Mustang.
Likes: The rear window slope, rear glass shape and short deck that is more inboard is right off the original '65 Fastback; Although the segregated rear side window is gone, the profile is very much the same as a Porsche Cayman and DB9 - which is just fine. The grille design still looks more Shelby than Fusion - thank the car gods; 
Dislikes: Disappearance of the hockey stick side sculpture line in favor of a bizarre horizontal crease that continues beyond the rear wheel to the tail lights - they did this on the Taurus too and it doesn't make sense to be there at all; The lack of either a GT or TriColor Emblem in favor of just letters or numbers; the headlight units possibly too swept-back and resemble the Fusion; The elimination of the chrome gas cap on the rear fascia is questionable, as the GT lettering that replaced it looks lost in all that space. The GLOSS black taillight surround looks like it costs $5 - should have been body colored or matte black.
The addition - finally - of independent rear suspension and an apparent upgrade of interior material are certainly welcome.

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