Volkswagen Chattanooga Workers Reject UAW Representation 712 to 626


Things initially looked promising for the United Auto Worker's prospects at Volkswagen's Chattanooga plant, with VW management inviting the organization in directly to talk to workers about the "works council" concept implemented at other Volkswagen plants worldwide. However, political pressure from national and local politicians, as well as the threat of withdrawing tax incentives for the plant's expansion to build a second model proved too great an obstacle for the UAW to overcome, with the final vote for representation coming down 712 to 626 against the UAW, according to reports from the Chattanooga Times Free Press and Reuters.

Although the UAW conceded defeat in the initial vote, aggressive lobbying by state officials, including former Chattanooga Mayor and current U.S. Senator Bob Corker, raised some red flags for UAW officials, who promise to continue their organization efforts at other plants in the south, with the next focused effort being the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Despite the defeat of the UAW in being the official labor representatives of the Chattanooga workers, some workers, including those who voted against UAW representation, see value in the "works council" model used in VW's factories in Germany, most of which are organized by German labor union IG Metall.

UAW president Bob King said he was "outraged" by the active anti-union lobbying by Corker and other state officials, which included threats of withdrawing state incentives for expansion of the plant to build the upcoming crossover model.

Unions are completely passé.  Who needs to fork over hard earned money to fund a bunch of elites who use all that money to pander a pol you don't give a hoot for?  Further, no one needs a union to start an "in house" union.  If the German experience is so great, why doesn't VW simply start the internal version instead of making the idiotic mistake of asking the UAW?  There are plenty of companies that do that and have excellent worker/management experience.  Just takes some effort and an ear.Meanwhile, VW had better sink serious money into their fixing their horrid reliability ratings.  They have a very aggressive sales goal in the US, but they will never reach it when they engineer and build vehicles that are in the shop way too often and cost and arm and a leg to repair.  People are dumb enough to do that with their BMW's, Audi's and Mercs, but no one will put up with that for a pedestrian VW.
MAKE NO MISTAKE.  "Right to work" is code for "let's-compete-with-China-by-becoming-more-like-them".  I can't think of anything more un-American than the right's totalitarian pummeling of union representation.
Good to see the fat cat union bosses are losing their grip on the workers.  The unions have no one to blame but themselves, although this slanted article would lead you to believe otherwise...  There was plenty of "political pressure" from both sides.  In the end the workers voted with their wallet and what makes the most sense for their futures.  The corruption in the unions is sickening.  The people are getting tired of it.
It's nice to see workers sticking up for themselves and more states adopting the right to work laws.
That's too bad.  Today's UAW is a lot more flexible in their negotiating terms and this wouldn't have hurt "economic development" like he said it would.  This is all about maintaining the corporate-political partnership between the GOP and high-paid executives using bullying and intimidation.

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