Report: Future Versions of Ford Sync to Run QNX Software

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Ford has done a tremendous job of marketing its Sync and MyFord Touch multimedia interfaces, as convenient, easy-to-use ways to integrate your smartphone and mobile device into your driving routine. However, customer experiences with the systems have been less-than-stellar, and have negatively impacted the standings of Ford Motor Company products in recent reliability and customer satisfaction surveys. To improve the customer experience of Sync, Bloomberg reports that Dearborn may adopt the QNX platform for future versions of Sync, ending its long-running collaboration with Microsoft. QNX, owned by BlackBerry parent company Research In Motion, is the predominant platform for mobile and touchscreen systems in cars.

In the latest Consumer Reports reliability survey, the Ford and Lincoln brands ranked 26 and 27 out of 28 brands surveyed. Frustration and problems with the Sync and MyFord Touch systems were frequently cited by respondents as reasons for dissatisfaction.

Other automakers have recently signed tech alliance agreements with both Google and Apple for closer integration with the Android and iOS mobile platforms, the two most popular mobile operating systems for smartphones.

Current configurations of MyFord Touch can be confusing, with built-in dormant features that haven't been activated. One example is a WiFi function that requires being within proximity of a nearby WiFi network, but only supports passwords only 10 characters long, and does not support over-the-air updates.

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Not surprising. I've been using Microsoft products for decades. The first time Microsoft offers a product that doesn't suck will be when they start selling vacuum cleaners.
Looking forward to the forthcoming tight integration with Android and iOS devices in future vehicles.

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