Report: Ford Fiesta RS Due By 2015 With 230 HP

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Although we’ve been hearing whispers for a while that the top-shelf performance Ford Focus RS is in development, with a rumored release date in late 2014 or 2015, Auto Express now reports that a Ford Fiesta RS is also in the works.

Building upon the success of the joyously toss-able 2014 Ford Fiesta ST (pictured), a Ford Fiesta RS would certainly get a power boost among other performance upgrades. Ford will reportedly seek to eke out around 230 hp from the 1.6-liter turbo four currently at work in the Ford Fiesta ST, a significant hike from the current 197 hp. Much like the blistering Ford Fiesta RS WRC rally car, a production-spec Ford Fista RS would reportedly be clad in a burlier, aerodynamic bodykit, stripped-down interior dotted with lightweight materials, and bolstered racing seats.

To accommodate the extra muscle, the Ford Fiesta RS should get larger brakes, upgraded suspension, and a limited-slip front differential. This would bring things neatly in line with the performance treatment expected on the future Ford Focus RS, which is anticipated to get a 330-350-hp version of the 2.3-liter turbo used in the 2015 Ford Mustang and 2015 Lincoln MKC.

We’re not holding our breath about this news, considering that not a peep has surfaced from Dearborn about the timeline for the Ford Focus RS. But, should things speed along considerably, a Ford Fiesta RS could arrive sometime around 2015. The performance-hatch would likely debut first in Europe and then a few months later stateside, as per Ford’s recent “One Ford” sharing philosophy.

wayne rhode
Fiesta ST will be my next new car, I have always liked the smaller more nimble cars. A good all around package, 2015 Fiesta is what I'm after, it's for sure worth the wait. I think that ford does there HP and Torque numbers when the engine is not fully broke in. 3 to 5% increase after 5000 or so miles. Lets see 230 + 5% = 241.5 HP and or maybe more, octane boost and K&N air filter. I'm all in for a 2015 Fiesta ST. In my eye now that I'm an old man, I look for a good all around package for a factory race car. A lot of younger men will purchase the Focus ST simply because of the quicker speed. The weight of the focus is already over 3200 LB's, compared to the Fiesta ST that weighs in at 2723 LB's. But even so the Fiesta will run off and leave the  330 or 350 HP focus in a curvy road with sasses and short straightaways. Fiesta!?!? in my eyes is a better all around balance than a focus ST. The bank are asking 4.9% interest on focus s\ST 2014 models. Insurance will go up a little for me but a lot for the youngsters. The 2015 fiesta like wise interest rates will start at 4.9% or higher. None the less I'm all in for a brand new 2015 fiesta ST
Kenneth Herbert
There is no mention of all-wheel drive for either the Fiesta or the Focus. 350 HP via the front wheels only? Really? 
@automobilemag. @Ford: please make these two happen! And while on it, how about creating special versions like the old RS500?
Current US market cars have more than the 179HP you quote. Try 197HP, and that has been proven to be highly conservative. A 30hp bump wouldn't be huge.

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