2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe Debuts At 2014 Detroit Auto Show

Andrew Trahan

It's good to be Cadillac right now. The luxury brand already offers two very good sport sedans -- the CTS and the ATS -- and two aggressively styled coupes, the CTS and the ELR. Cadillac's profit-generating Escalade has just been redesigned, and its two-door concept from earlier this year, the Elmiraj, still has people buzzing. Sales increased some 25 percent in 2013.

"I've seen the best of times and the worst of times, and these are on the better end of that scale," confirms executive chief engineer David Leone, who joined the brand thirty-four years ago. "It's going to keep going," he adds.

The 2015 Cadillac ATS coupe, which is debuting at the 2014 Detroit auto show and goes on sale this summer, is part of the plan to keep the good times rolling. The stylistic conversion from the ATS sedan goes beyond eliminating two doors and includes a chopped roof, flared front and rear fenders, and a lower stance. The coupe wears a modified grille that ditches Cadillac's trademark egg-crate texture and wears a new wreathless badge. Both elements debuted earlier this year on the Elmiraj and, according to lead exterior designer Bob Boniface, intend to emphasize the width of the front end.

Even with all the massaging, the coupe, much like the sedan, strikes us as a rather conservative interpretation of Cadillac's design language. We hear Cadillac chose not to reprise the stealth-fighter-like rear quarters from the CTS coupe because that makes it very difficult to execute a convertible. (We also hear that plans for the droptop are presently on hold). Boniface confirms only that the proper roofline yields more room for rear passengers. Even so, the coupe gives up interior volume and accessibility compared with the already cramped ATS sedan. It seats four rather than five. The interior features a few technological enhancements for 2015, including Siri Eyes Free for Apple iPhone users and a WiFi hotspot. The controversial CUE touchscreen interface is standard on all but the base model.

The ATS sedan is one of the best driving vehicles in its segment. A few mechanical tweaks make the coupe version even sportier and more involving. The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, upgraded to 295 lb-ft of torque as in the 2014 CTS, is standard -- there's no base 2.5-liter. The 3.6-liter V-6 carries over. As with the sedan, a six-speed manual transmission is offered with the turbo four-cylinder in addition to a six-speed automatic transmission. Track is wider both front and rear due to increased wheel offset (tire and wheel widths remain the same). The electric power steering in both the coupe and the 2015 sedan has been reprogrammed for a heavier feel.

Even if the Cadillac ATS coupe is by now a rather predictable product, it is nonetheless a very important one. The brand still transacts at lower prices than its German competitors, and coupes typically haul in more money than sedans. The Audi A4 and Allroad, for instance, sell for an average of $39,000 versus about $47,000 for the A5 coupe; the ATS sedan currently leaves dealer lots for an average of $35,000. Cadillac has not yet announced the pricing, but we expect it will mimic Audi, BMW, and start the ATS coupe for just a bit less than $40,000.

On sale: Summer 2014
Base price: $39,000 (est)
Engines: 2.0L turbo four-cylinder, 272 hp, 295 lb-ft; 3.6L V-6, 321 hp, 275 lb-ft
Transmissions: Six-speed manual, six-speed automatic
Drive: Rear- or all-wheel
Fuel economy: 18-21/26-31 mpg (est)
Rob Nuttall
Rob Nuttall
Looks rushed. As if they hack up the sedan. Reminds me of the old Focus coupe.
Stanton Slocum
they could have done more, but looks good
Prince Shah
LovE car ssssssmy
NE Guy
The back end is a little bland, but the rest of it is sleek and sexy. Well done!
Kevin Belt
Please make mine in the darker metallic blue with a light gray interior and the 6 speed manual. Is the 6 speed manual available with the VSport engine? PLEASE?!?
Jacques René Delange
Us cars change In the good direction
Larry Qualls
Boring.....Audi did this design in 08. Should've been more buch like the CTS COUPE!
Bill Staar
Looks nice from the front and rear. Too conservative from the sides for my tastes. The wheels also look at bit small, especially in the rear. I'd like to see an "M"-type version of this, with larger and more agressive wheels and subtly-flared fenders. Thank you, Caddy, for the manual transmission.
C Devaun Rashard C
gorgeous! Cadillac is winning in every segment
Wilberto WRenn
Donte's next ride
It is a beautiful car.  This car is going to sell and quite possibly, could be the best car in the class.  The only downfall is that it has the carryover 6 Speed transmission and was hoping for the 8 Speed.  Oh well, choosers can't be beggars I suppose.  Other than that, excellent looking car.
Michael Scott
Nice coupe profile. But I'm still waiting on the elmiraj
Davy Secondclasscitizen Beam
Corbin Morris
That's how the last ten CTS coupe should have looked like, less hatchbacky
Darren Songfreid
Nev Abrahams
Steve Young
More boxy than it is swoopy.
Alex Pancamo
I like the real door handles
Gavin Frater
Swoopy my arse. #uglycar
Manuel Mendoza
Looks like the same pos cts coupe made 10 yrs ago
David Japaridze
Harold Fiallo
I like it better looking than anything Lincoln can do.
Kathleen Woodyard
Like it, saw it in Motor Trend magazine...need. Front view pic and back to do it justice!
Joe Lussier
Swoopy? I don't see much swoop, but it's a decent looking car.
Michael Keil
it almost looks bigger then the outgoing CTS coupe
Looks like another car for the old guys.
Tim Lucas
Ah so it's ugly because it's GM. Amazing how fanboys convince themselves something looks good or bad based on the brand.
Gary Morris
So nice in two door.
Stephen Abbott
It's losing a bit of the "edge" design language which I really liked, but it's still quite beautiful. The grille seems a bit pasted on, and I'm not a fan of the wreath-less badge.
@automobilemag @Cadillac Aside from the tail-up stance, I love it and will give it a serious look
In 10 years, Cadillac has gone from a car I would never consider owning to a car I aspire to own. Quite an achievement.
Christian Schmidt
totally agree Geneal Manure junk
Christian Schmidt
no he is right. it is fugly gm junk
Christian Schmidt
Still fugly like all of Ghettollac line up. still has the design of a 2nd grade special ed
John Ceragioli
Like it a LOT!
Lee Klein
Looks just like a G37.
Mike Anthony
How about adding a padded vinyl roof as part of an "Biarritz" package. Anyone? No? Just me?
Rík Seddon
Cadillac ATS-V to go BMW M4 Coupé and Lexus RC F bashing, anyone?! :v
Bert Schubatowski
Looks nice in the side shot.
Scott Raflo
Looks like a honda
Prasad Koggala Hewage
So nice car. I like very much cadillac
Sylvain Raymond
Looks contemporary… FINALLY and not hung-up on some useless and dated styling cues as if Cadillac had had fins and body wide grille since the 20s...
Tim Lucas
You've lost your mind.
Peter Tamburro
Love mine....
David Barber
Yes, yes, yes... Almost makes me consider trading in my BMW coupe... Love it!
Matt Simmons
Understated. I have a feeling this is a 2 series competitor, not a 4.
Steven Matthew Myers
Incredible looking!... but why no wreath with the badge as it's supposed to be? For Christ's sake! It's the product, not an altered emblem that will sell!
Michael Scott
Looks better than CTS coupe
Sure beats them hillbilly Lincolns though!

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