Report: BMW i8 Spyder Facing Major Development Snags

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The 2014 BMW i3 city car and i8 sports coupe herald a bright hybrid-tech future for the BMW brand, but the next step may be delayed. The 2014 BMW i8 coupe, which we lauded as our 2014 Design of the Year, was originally thought to be introduced with a Spyder counterpart on its heels. While the drop-top i8 has not been abandoned, BMW has reportedly run into significant engineering issues that have stalled development.

According to Autocar, BMW engineers have found that the i8 coupe’s carbon fiber-reinforced plastic construction is not easily compatible with a convertible variant. “The last architecture presented some fairly major challenges, to be able to produce a convertible in that format,” a spokesman told Autocar. “The rigidity was hard to find with that particular architecture."

While there appears to be no set time frame for the BMW i8 Spyder’s market arrival, we do know that it will at least share the same hybrid powertrain setup with its fixed-roof brother. The 2014 BMW i8 combines a 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine connected to a small generator-motor (driving the rear wheels) with a front-mounted electric motor that powers the front wheels, totaling 357 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. The BMW i8 Spyder was first shown as a concept at the 2012 Beijing auto show.

The 2014 BMW i8 can hit 62 mph in 4.4 seconds with an average fuel economy of 94 mpg — both achieved in part thanks to the car’s lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced plastic bodyshell and aluminum chassis. If this construction continues to prove difficult to translate into a two-seat convertible format, which will be shorter in wheelbase and overall length than the coupe, the BMW i8 Spyder will likely miss the 2015 production goal that the German automaker initially projected.

The 2014 BMW i8 will be available this spring, but stay tuned for more details as the timeline concerning the BMW i8 Spyder continues to take shape.

Surena Sharifi
زیبا و مرموز
Saravana Saro
very superb design...
Ken Choo Sze Hou
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Brpraveen Kumar
waiting 4wrd fr BMW i8
CMCNestT .
$136k, two people and 22 miles of pure electric range,0-60 4.4 ? Fail.Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic body shell and aluminum chassis is interesting but needs new powertrain.
Namit Jhariya
my dream car hahahaha......
Alex Pancamo
I don't know how many times I've said this... V12.
Feimata Dolleh
future bmw
Mathole Freddy
These is must built drop head ..
Orin O'Neill
I'm afraid I couldn't possibly care less.
Raj Thakker
Simply awesome
Sharvarish Raj Gurung
Much better than an R8 yet lacks the over the top designs coming out of Lamborghini.
Aløñê ßøý Sourav
Sakal Deo Mahto
Opel GeneralMotors
<3 Opel <3
Kiko Karim
Nate Needs
Maybe they could do t tops easier than the drop top. Either way they should find an easy to remove the roof
Albert Landrum Jr.
I like it damnnnnnnnnnnn
Pintu Mondal
golden mama
PKW Maut 2014
Rj Tiwari
High speed BMW car i8 is beautiful design
Vivek Ibhrampurkar
Toyia Got Cake Wesley
I can see myself cruising w/my Versace scarf & glasses & my boo thang on the side of me .
Prasad Koggala Hewage
I like very much
Prasad Koggala Hewage
Wow very nice
Cindy Schreiner
❤️❤️❤️I want those wheels!
Tim Lucas
Much better looking than other recent models from the company. Bring on the Spyder!
Poonam Badga
Coooolll car
Tim Anderson
Great idea love BMW
Ray Palmai
how about longer EV range ? @ least match the Volt
Rich Schulz
omg...i'd love to own this my screenplay gets optioned....(that comes with a letter of recomendation)..from the late Walter Matthau :) God Bless Walter!!!!!!!!!!!
Bhushan Phalke
so nice
Kwok Carl
This is IT!!!
Lee Klein
Just not feelin' it. Looks too much like a cartoon character.
Stephen Swarts
I don't like BMW
Gordon Barnes III
Joke of a car, just sayin'
Jack Button
Gary Craig
Much cooler than an R8 yet lacks the over the top designs coming out of Lamborghini. Goldie Locks would approve.
Javed Azad
Real Themba The'Gentleman
BMW i8 is another Audi R8 wanna be!!!!
Shadab Alam

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