Q&A With 2015 Ford Mustang Chief Engineer Dave Pericak

Just ahead of the car's public debut today, we sat down with 2015 Ford Mustang chief engineer Dave Pericak to learn more about what makes the new car tick. Road test editor Chris Nelson got the inside scoop on all things 2015 Mustang from the engineer himself.

First, Pericak confirmed that the 2015 Ford Mustang is a clean-sheet design that marks a big step forward from the old car. "A lot of people think it was an evolution from the existing platform, but actually, there's nothing on this thing that resembles the existing platform, except for the wheelbase," he says.

One of the most important changes is a switch from the old Mustang's solid rear axle to a new independent rear suspension arrangement. While many customers won't notice a significant difference, Pericak says that performance enthusiasts will find the 2015 Ford Mustang far more rewarding to drive.

"We did more with the solid rear axle than most people thought we could do, but we're actually taking everything up another notch with this car," he says. "We set a target to beat the [outgoing Ford Mustang] Boss 302 on the track, and we're going to do it with this."

As for performance, the 2015 Ford Mustang launches with a 3.7-liter V-6 rated for 300 hp and an evolution of the 5.0-liter V-8 good for at least 420 hp. Those will be joined be a new turbocharged 2.3-liter inline-four EcoBoost engine making at least 305 hp, marking the first time the Mustang has offered a four-cylinder engine in years. While a downsized engine certainly helps fuel economy, it won't come entirely at the expense of fun.

"The EcoBoost engine is going to play an important role as we expand our customer base," Pericak acknowledges. "There's going to be a lot of smiles on faces when you take this car out."

One area on which Pericak is tight-lipped is future high-performance variants of the 2015 Ford Mustang. While he won't dish on the likelihood of more powerful models like, say, a GT350, Pericak does admit that go-fast models are a possibility in the future. "Let's celebrate this one for now," he says.

For more on the 2015 Ford Mustang, see our video interview with chief engineer Dave Pericak below. For in-depth details on the new car, click here to read our first look.

So sad that this truly Iconic American Car had to go Global because of Money issues. I really didn't of course. But this is the way the car companys operate. Ford could have 2 models one Mustang for us here in the states. and for the others a global mustang to sell elsewhere. If you make one look a lot like a 66 same style, size and close to the same weight you will have a repete of 1964. FULLY refine the fox body chassis and you hit a good weight target automatically I liked the style of the 05-08 and to a lessor degree the 2010-2014. (Front and back are too rounded) But this new one is WAY too rounded at the front, back and wheel arches. But that is only half of what irks me. IRS in the back? Why the solid axles work and works fine. So you know my perspective  My first car was a  66 Fastback, 2nd?  79 Pace Car then a 85 Capri 5.0, 88 GT 5.0,.... Then a 88 T-bird sport, a 08 Dodge Charger Hemi,...I know and love my Fords I am also a Ford stock holder.  
The over fattening of US cars and pickup must simply stop. The lanes of the roads are not getting widened over time. MPG numbers will magically jump to the sky if you (Ford )Tackle the weight issues in these new cars.I am a auto enthusiast and I feel left out right now as do many of my friends that are also enthusiast .   
Huh. It has a great tire to fender fit, not the huge gap as on nearly all modern cars, and the front and rear wheel openings look to be about the same height, unlike the high front/low rear imbalance which has infected half the cars in the last decade. That's a good sign. The whole thing looks like it was designed to be a Mustang, not a vehicle cut out from something else like the 80s Mustangs. It sounds like they had a budget this time; some of that should have been spent on pushing the front wheels further forward like GM did with the Camaro and BMW does on the 3. The Camaro has equal weight on front and rear wheels even with the V8, and without any exotic materials. 
I think that once we grow a little accustomed to this new design, we're going to like it alot - right up there with the original, the 67/68 and the most recent ones.....it is certainly superior to anything that was produced between 1973 and 2004.
Saurabh Pote
Perfect different look
Maurizio Boscolo Pecchie
Bellissima Sandro Naccari!!
Fazlu Rahman
oh god!!!! mustang is just like woooowww!!!!!!
Sandro Naccari
guarda Maurizio Boscolo Pecchie
Noor Ashraf
TwinMax Hui
Annie Tan Annie
Lucia Morches
Shawn Wade
Ali Taheri
One hell of a car!
NE Guy
This car is growing on me. It certainly looks better in silver than it does in that awful tomato red... But, that's still the ugliest dashboard I have ever seen. Seriously, who approved THAT design? Even if I grew to like the exterior design enough to buy one, I couldn't do it because I couldn't look at that interior every day.
Ritesh Kumar
Gary Sandhu
Jason Beeks
Hyundi Genesis...
Kushal Singh Tanwar
musle cars
Troy Henson
Once again Ford is using the Aston Martin front in just like there fusions. That's original.
Lewis John Bernardo
Jim Jimmy
Wei Bing look like Mazda 6 sky active
Wei Bing
Jim Jimmy mazda
James Thomas
so nice
Thakur Muzamil
Atractive Car
Senkathir Selvan
The previous Mustang was Super Hot, but this one looks like a normal Jaguar Passenger car... its supposed to be a Monster.. !! that way we can call it a Mustang.!!!
Amarjyoti Basumatary
Great design
Adam Andre
looks like a Taurus
Manuel Solo Rolo Mendoza
FYI THIS CAR HAS 50....50....50 years of history,if n e thing many many cars have copied/been inspired by the Mustang.... Camaro,Celica,BMW,ETC.... SO STFU & DO UR RESEARCH IM DONE
Manuel Solo Rolo Mendoza
All these ppl sayn dumb sht,this is pre producrion,so it will b sumwhat diff. When it is delivered to ur drive way
Chris Gallagher
A little Tiburon ish! I do however like it. I wonder how functional the new design is in regards to wind resistance, fuel mileage etc.
Lance Martz
cool looking Hyundai Tiburon!
Ricky Smith
I like the design of the car. I'd like it a lot more if Ford didn't overuse the Aston Martin-esque grill, they didn't use that hood treatment on the Fusion already and if the headlights didn't remind me of the 90's Fox body Mustang. I love the side of the car.
Joe Maisano
At least it doesn't look like the brick on wheels that is the Camaro.
Craig Stishenko
ANYONE?? http://pictures.topspeed.com/IMG/crop/201306/2015-ford-mustang-7_600x0w.jpg
Jason Wright
From the front it looks like a Fusion, and from the side it looks like a Genesis Coupe. And now they've taken away the hard axle that made it unique, and gave it character.
John B. Mar
I think the new design looks great. Still have elements of the old with new refreshened 21st century look.
Sam Chatham
Did you ask why it has the side profile of Tiburon?
Chris Koszo
Nice angle! Aftermarket tuners will have a blast with this one.
Pete Upton
Jon Parsons
No hood scoop no louvers kinda looks like a girls car now. Sucked the manly cool right out of it. I'm a mustang lover just seems like a step in the wrong direction.
Michael Dunmire
Hate this design. Looks like sedan, Headlights are just all kinds of wrong, the hood looks uninspired and the backend is better off not being shown (just like in this photo). Sad day in Mustang history. :(
Arnie Prichep
Front end, while good looking, is too much like prior models, needed to be a little different. Side is too smooth.
Yves Paparusso
Plutôt réussie...
Austin White
looks great in this color
Gary Davis
new design is nice

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