Beyond the Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

Steve Hewett

The Cadillac Elmiraj concept, which debuted at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, clearly hints at what Cadillac's S-class fighter will be. Our spy illustration of the S-class fighter is shown above and photos of the Elmiraj concept are at the bottom of the story.

Cadillac had been developing both a Bentley rival and a more conventional competitor to the Mercedes-Benz S-class. The flagship, prudently, is on indefinite hold. The big sedan, which may either have a proper name or be called LTS, will use General Motors' new, large, rear-wheel-drive Omega platform and will go on sale in 2015. A Buick halo car on the same platform provides sufficient volume to cement the business case.

The Cadillac Elmiraj concept is just 1.5 inches shorter in length than the new S-class, and although the 121-inch wheelbase is 3.6 inches shorter, it might be closer in production. Compared with the concept, the LTS will have a higher roofline and a longer front overhang. Like the Cadillac Elmiraj concept, the LTS will wear lots of aluminum and some carbon fiber, likely including the hood. GM brass reportedly hasn't signed off on the car's interior, which advanced design director Clay Dean says was inspired by famous midcentury furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames. Cadillac (fancifully) describes the Cadillac Elmiraj concept engine as a twin-turbo dual-overhead-cam V-8. We expect a pushrod small-block if Cadillac decides that the production car needs a V-8.

Considering reaction to the Cadillac Elmiraj concept among the moneyed crowds at Pebble Beach, America may at last -- and once again -- have a world-class luxury-car brand.

Christian Schmidt
Looks like another 2nd grade design ready to be lowered by lowriders. Congrats on making a fugly car Ghettollac.
I like the car I really hope one of the engine choices is the VETTE motor every engine in this car should get a horse power bump the twin turbo should make 450 - 500 hp and the V8 should make 550 - 740 hp  
Lewis John Bernardo
like dis one
Cory Young
Dont get me wrong, this is a very nice looking car, but to me it just doesnt look on par with the S class. It really needs something more dramatic to it.  This looks like a nice future look for a CTS, but if they want to go for the S class or 7 series, it needs more. I personally Loved the front and rear on Cadillacs Ciel convertible concept. Similar to this but just had that extra touch to it that it needed. Like someone else had said, "The new standard of the World" needs to bring its A game and not just step up to the bar but raise it, this to me doesnt raise the bar, this looks like it should have competed against the last S class, this doesnt not meet or beat the new S class. In my opinion
Varun Gupta
Wow that 4 door has a presence!  Just screams President of the Company!  would be nice if they put the new Corvette engine in as the base engine.
do not let the bean counter get last a design finished front to rear
Growing up I never imagined jonesing after a Cadillac, maybe its just my age now but damn! I want a Cadillac!
Celtic Priest
This is a truly exquisite Cadillac concept.  The coupe version is a bit more striking.  The rear reminds me of an Acura; not sure if that's a good thing.  One of my favorite Cadillac concepts was the Cadillac Sixteen, which this version reminds me of somewhat.
Christopher Eichorn
return full size RWD?
The thing I like the most about this car is the engine, that I've heard will make it to the Corvette Z06 successor  with about +550hp. Awesome.
Abhinay Kumar
i like very much
Greg Mocarski
Like my CTS
Yahya M Hussain
very nice 9ara7a (Y)
Didar Hossain Impossible
It's the matter how rich you're...
Dean Gademans
Cadillacs now are not what they used to be.... I get more Looks in my DTS that murdered out on 22s, that's lowered to the beginning of the rim, than a new escalade with a dude blasting his music
Jack Kingston
this is a good Box !
Jack Kingston
nnice box
Chandar Kumar
Gud look
Les Brown
Like dis, one
Luc Mathurin
J'aime beaucoup.
Felix Raj
Royal Look....
Build it looking just like this with performance to match. Use the new badge and don't call it Elmiraj, LTS or any name Cadillac has used before. make the name just as impressive as the car and you have a winner. Then change Buick to Opel and get rid of Buick's stupid grill and sell some cars that impress. Still hate Gm for killing SAAB!
Ahmed Rauf
Beautiful car.
David Midgley
Looks a lot like the Hyundia Genesis.
Umesh Ojha
Thomas Voelker
Starting to look like a Lincoln.
Scott Lauren
Jim Hulihan if you have the money, the higher trim levels of the XTS have the nicest interiors GM has ever made. The exterior is pretty bland, however.
Tim Nofullname
What was wrong with real names like Coupe de Ville, DeVille,, Seville, Eldorado, Fleetwood?
Chris Melton
This is one sexy Caddy.
Trey Escobar
the new catty looks realy good
Scott Riley
Build this!!!
Adam Axell Neujahr
"Build it and they will come."
Matt Higgins
Read about this in "Autoweek"
Richard Macintyre
I like the grill, they need a Barritz
Make the LT1 motor standard in the LTS, set the starting price at $76K, and that would give it a strong entry in the market. There should also be an extended wheel base version of it, for $9K more, and fully loaded it might easily exceed $100K. This thing will blow the 7-series and the Lexus LS out of the water. If GM wants a Bentley rival, it would be best for them to create a new ultra-luxury division that would slot above Cadillac and would specialize only in ultra-luxury exotic cars.
Kevin Radakovits
Build it
Maurice Miller
Very nice!!
Jim Hulihan
they better do something...i'm taking my 4 year old DTS to a Chrysler dealership soon to buy a 300 as the XTS is a joke.
build it and they will come 
Andrew R Bowen
Looks a whole lot better than the current flagship! Build it!
Aaron Maritzer-Lawrence
Bring back the dts name and make it the longest caddy. Need it for livery vehicles
Tim Kastner
Build it!
Michael A Valente
Cadillac, make it happen!
Erik Sveum Erstad
Wow. Finally something that looks american from GM! not like rebadged Camrys.
Robbie Peach
Stephen Walton
Love it, but ditch the name. Sounds like a 10 year old Lincoln.
Unlike the rendering supplied the front end needs to be more Elmirage and less CTS.
Davy Secondclasscitizen Beam
Meh. Back to the drawing boards before Harley Earl has to come back and smack Ed Welburn in the kisser. What a joke.
Rík Seddon
Cadillac STS would be better. Gives S-class rivalling connotations. Though Caddy needs to sort out it global sales strategy if it really wants to be a premium contender. The lack of RHD cars is pathetic. Stinks of lack of confidence in its products...

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